IFDP 1977-115
A Multi-Country Model of the International Influences on the U. S. Economy: Preliminary Results

Richard Berner, Peter Clark, Ernesto Hernandez-Cata, Howard Howe, Sung Kwack, and Guy Stevens

IFDP 1977-114
Inflation and Unemployment in Open Economies

Betty C. Daniel

IFDP 1977-113
The U.S. Activities of Foreign Banks: An Analytic Survey

Henry S. Terrell and Sydney J. Key

IFDP 1977-109
Interest Rates and Inflation in Argentina

Yves Maroni

IFDP 1977-105
Estimating Consumer Import Demand Equations

Richard Berner

IFDP 1977-103
J. Laurence Laughlin and the Quantity Theory of Money

Lance Girton and Don Roper

IFDP 1977-102
The Denationalization of Money: A Review

David H. Howard

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