IFDP 1979-141
The Portfolio-Balance Model of Exchange Rates

Michael P. Dooley and Peter Isard

IFDP 1979-138
Assessing International Interdependence With a Multi-Country Model

Howard Howe, Ernesto Hernandez-Cata, Guy Stevens, Richard Berner, Peter Clark, and Sung Y. Kwack

IFDP 1979-134
U.S. Banks and the North American Euro-Currency Market

Rodney H. Mills, Jr. and Eugenie D. Short

IFDP 1979-133
Financial Policies in Open Economies

Dale W. Henderson

IFDP 1979-131
The Japanese Sector of the Multi-Country Model

Ernesto Hernandez-Cata

IFDP 1979-130
Monetary Policy Under Alternative Exchange-Rate Regimes: Simulations with Muliti-Country Model

Ernesto Hernandez-Cata, Howard Howe, Sung Y. Kwack, Guy Stevens, Richard Berner, and Peter Clark

IFDP 1979-129
Optimal International Borrowing With Default

Richard Freeman

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