IFDP 1980-170
Three Roles of the Forward Foreign Exchange Market

Masahiro Kawai

IFDP 1980-166
Foreign Assistance Programs and Policies of the United States

Henry C. Wallich and David P. Dod

IFDP 1980-165
Rational Expectations, Risk Premia, and the Market for Spot and Forward Exchange

Richard A. Meese and Kenneth J. Singleton

IFDP 1980-163
Modeling Bilateral Exchange Rates in A Multi-Country Model

Guy V.G. Stevens, Richard Berner, Peter Clark, Ernesto Hernandez-Cata, Peter Hooper, Howard Howe, Sung Y. Kwack, and Ralph Tryon

IFDP 1980-158
Wealth Effects in the New Neoclassical Models

Matthew B. Canzoneri

IFDP 1980-155
Sticky Nominal Wages and the Optimal Employment Rule

Douglas G. Waldo

IFDP 1980-154
U.S. Banks: The Slowdown in International Lending

Rodney H. Mills

IFDP 1980-152
Stabilization Policy and Vicious and Virtuous Circles

Henry C. Wallich and Jo Anna Gray

IFDP 1980-151
U.S. Banks, Exchange Markets, and the Dollar, September - November 1978

Barbara R. Lowrey and Ralph W. Smith, Jr.

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