IFDP 1982-213
Alternative Approaches to General Equilibrium Modeling of Exchange Rates and Capital Flows: The MCM Experience

Peter Hooper, Richard D. Haas, Steven A. Symansky and Lois Stekler

IFDP 1982-212
Wage Contracting, Exchange Rate Volatility, and Exchange Intervention Policy

Matthew B. Canzoneri and John M. Underwood

IFDP 1982-210
The Demand for Swiss Monetary Assets

Karen H. Johnson

IFDP 1982-209
The Canadian Sector of the Multi-Country Model

Howard Howe

IFDP 1982-207
The Behavior of Monetary Aggregates in Major Industrialized Countries

David H. Howard and Karen H. Johnson

IFDP 1982-203
How to Borrow Reasonably

Yves Maroni

IFDP 1982-201
A Model of Stochastic Process Switching

Robert P. Flood and Peter M. Garber

IFDP 1982-198
J-Curves and Stability of the Foreign-Exchange Market

Richard Freeman

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