IFDP 1983-234
Deficit-Savings Ratios as Indicators of Interest-Rate Pressure: A Collection of Notes

Gerard Caprio, Dale W. Henderson, Peter Hooper, Raymond Lubitz, and Steven A. Symansky

IFDP 1983-229
The International Transmission of Oil Price Effects

Jamie Marquez

IFDP 1983-228
A Strategy To Resolve Mexico's Liquidity Crisis

Yves Maroni

IFDP 1983-227
An Analysis of External Debt Positions of Eight Developing Countries Through 1990

Michael Dooley, William Helkie, Ralph Tryon, and John Underwood

IFDP 1983-222
Purchasing Power Parity and Real After Tax Interest Rate Arbitrage

David H. Howard and Karen H. Johnson

IFDP 1983-221
Country Risk, International Lending, and Exchange Rate Determination

Michael P. Dooley and Peter Isard

IFDP 1983-220
Speculation and Hedging Using Options on Futures Contracts

Laurence R. Jacobson

IFDP 1983-217
An Appraisal of the Chaps Payments Mechanism

Allen B. Frankel

IFDP 1983-216
Payments Systems: Theory and Policy

Allen Frankel and Jeffrey Marquardt

IFDP 1983-215
OPEC's Surplus and Real Interest Rates

Jo Anna Gray and Peter Hooper

IFDP 1983-214
Assessing Dynamic Properties of the MCM: A Simulation Approach

Richard D. Hass and Steven A. Symansky

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