IFDP 1984-252
Postwar Financial Policies in Taiwan, China

Robert F. Emery

IFDP 1984-250
The Determination of Front-End Fees on Syndicated Eurocurrency Credit

Rodney H. Mills and Henry S. Terrell

IFDP 1984-249
Monetary Policy Games and the Role of Private Information

Matthew B. Canzoneri

IFDP 1984-248
The Macroeconomic Implications of Labor Contracting with Asymmetric Information

Matthew B. Canzoneri and Anne C. Sibert

IFDP 1984-244
Domestic Saving, Current Accounts, and International Capital Mobility

Gerard Caprio, Jr. and David H. Howard

IFDP 1984-240
The Effects of Exhange Rate Variabilty on Output and Employment

Matthew B. Canzoneri, Peter B. Clark, Thomas C. Glaessner and Michael P. Leahy

IFDP 1984-238
A Kalecki-Keynes Model of World Trade, Finance, and Economic Growth

William Darity, Jr. and E.V.K. Fitzgerald

IFDP 1984-237
Oil Prices Effects in Theory and Practice

Jaime Marquez

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