June 2016

Raising an Inflation Target: the Japanese Experience with Abenomics

Andrea De Michelis and Matteo Iacoviello


This paper draws from Japan's recent monetary experiment to examine the effects of an increase in the inflation target during a liquidity trap. We review Japanese data and examine through a VAR model how macroeconomic variables respond to an identified inflation target shock. We apply these findings to calibrate the effect of a shock to the inflation target in a new-Keynesian DSGE model of the Japanese economy. We argue that imperfect observability of the inflation target and a separate exchange rate shock are needed to successfully account for the behavior of nominal and real variables in Japan since late 2012. Our analysis indicates that Japan has made some progress towards overcoming deflation, but further measures are needed to raise inflation to 2 percent in a stable manner.

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Keywords: Abenomics, Credibility, Deflation, Inflation target, Japan, Monetary policy

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.17016/IFDP.2016.1168

PDF: Full Paper

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