The Federal Reserve Board employs over 300 Ph.D. economists, who represent an exceptionally diverse range of interests and specific areas of expertise. Board economists conduct cutting edge research, produce numerous working papers, and are among the leading contributors at professional meetings and in major journals. Our economists also produce a wide variety of economic analyses and forecasts for the Board of Governors and the Federal Open Market Committee.

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Supervision and Regulation

The Division of Supervision and Regulation exercises and oversees the Board’s supervisory and regulatory authority over a variety of financial institutions and activities with the goal of promoting a safe, sound, and stable financial system that supports the growth and stability of the U.S. economy. The Federal Reserve carries out its supervisory and regulatory responsibilities and supporting functions primarily by promoting the safety and soundness of individual financial institutions supervised by the Federal Reserve; taking a macroprudential approach to the supervision of the largest, most systemically important financial institutions; developing supervisory policy (including regulations, policy statements, and guidance); regulating the U.S. banking and financial structure by acting on a variety of proposals; and enforcing laws and regulations.

Policy Planning and Strategy

The Policy Planning and Strategy section fosters the development of the Federal Reserve's medium- and long-term regulatory policy agenda and strategies to accomplish that agenda. Section economists conduct research and facilitate key policy and technical decision-making on policy issues, including by identifying and analyzing emerging trends, regulatory gaps, and changes to the policy environment, and researching, developing, and recommending potential policy changes.

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Benjamin Dennis Senior Economist Policy Planning and Strategy
Supervision and Regulation
Last update: March 1, 2021