• Economist

    Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System

    2021 - present
  • What determines passthrough of policy rates to deposit rates in the euro area?
    Todd Messer and Friederike Niepmann
    FEDS Notes (2023)
  • Financial Failure and Depositor Quality: Evidence from Building and Loan Associations in California
    Todd Messer
    Journal of Economic History (2023)
    See also » FRB Working Paper (2022)
  • The Economics of Sovereign Debt, Bailouts and the Eurozone Crisis
    Pierre-Olivier Gourinchas, Philippe Martin, and and Todd Messer
    International Finance Discussion Papers (2022)
  • Unemployment Effects of Stay-at-Home Orders: Evidence from High-Frequency Claims Data
    ChaeWon Baek, Peter B. McCrory, Todd Messer, and Preston Mui
    Review of Economics and Statistics (2021)
  • Firm Entry and Macroeconomic Dynamics: A State-level Analysis
    Francois Gourio, Todd Messer, and Michael Siemer
    American Economic Review: Papers and Proceedings (2016)
    See also » FRB Working Paper (2016)
  • Fiscal Consequences of Paying Interest on Reserves
    Marco Bassetto and Todd Messer
    Fiscal Studies (2013)
  • Forecasting Inflation and the Great Recession
    Marco Bassetto, Todd Messer, and Christine Ostrowski
    Economic Perspectives (2013)
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