FRB/US in Python

The FRB/US model Python package, or PyFRB/US, is a Python-based platform to run simulations with the FRB/US model. This package includes the FRB/US model equations, simulation code, example programs, and technical documentation on the usage of the FRB/US model in Python. It contains the following:

  • A README file with installation instructions and basic information;
  • The pyfrbus directory, which includes the platform code required to solve the model;
  • The models directory, containing the FRB/US equations;
  • The demos directory, which provides a suite of example programs for running FRB/US simulations in Python;
  • The docs directory, where users can find detailed technical information on PyFRB/US features, installation, model API, and simulation options.

Documentation is provided in HTML format and can be opened in your web browser. This package requires Python 3 and is not compatible with Python 2.

FRB/US Python package (ZIP) (Updated: May 8, 2023)

Data-Only Package and Disclaimer

Note: Because the FRB/US database is updated more frequently than the model and other material, the database is stored separately in the FRB/US data package. To run the model with the latest data, please download the FRB/US data package and copy the LONGBASE.TXT dataset into the data folder. When updates are available only for the dataset, it is not necessary to re-download the FRB/US Python package.

The following zip file contains the historical dataset (csv format) and FRB/US dataset (csv format and EViews edb format). The FRB/US dataset merges historical values with a mechanical extrapolation whose initial part follows the median path in the FOMC's Summary of Economic Projections (SEP). Beyond the horizon of the SEP, variables for real GDP, PCE inflation, unemployment, and the federal funds rate automatically converge to the median long-run SEP targets. This dataset is provided as a convenience, so that users have data on which to run the FRB/US model, and is for illustrative purposes only. The trajectories in this dataset are not FRB/US model forecasts, nor should they be interpreted as forecasts of the FOMC, the Federal Reserve Board or its staff.

FRB/US data package (ZIP) (Updated: April 2, 2024)

Model disclaimer

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Last Update: April 18, 2024