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Research ResourcesSurvey of Consumer Finances

1983 Survey of Consumer Finances

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Five types of technical documentation for the 1983 SCF are available: a codebook for the edited and imputed version of the 1983 data, a codebook for the original unprocessed data, the questionnaire cover sheet, the survey questionnaire, and technical working papers on the survey methodology.

Codebook for the 1983 Survey of Consumer Finances (Edited and Imputed Data)
Robert B. Avery and Gregory E. Elliehausen
This codebook contains the text, variable names, and responses for the questions asked in the survey. Also provided are a brief summary of technical aspects of the survey design and an appendix of Census occupation and industry classification codes.
Appendix: Contains a map of the SCF sample areas and 1970 and 1980 Census Occupation and Industry codes.
Codebook ()
Appendix ()
Last updated July 18, 2006

Codebook for the 1983 Survey of Consumer Finances (Original Unprocessed Data)
Survey Research Center, University of Michigan
This codebook lists the original survey variables and their definitions.
Codebook ()
Last updated July 11, 1984

Cover Sheet for the 1983 Survey of Consumer Finances Questionnaire
The 1983 cover sheet contains forms for the following information:
the record of calls made on the household, the name and address of the employer who provides the primary pension for the respondent and/or spouse, a checklist for obtaining pension information from the respondent's and/or spouse's employer, recontact information, and non-interview reports.
Cover Sheet ()

Survey Questionnaire for the 1983 Survey of Consumer Finances
The 1983 survey data were collected using a paper questionnaire.
Questionnaire ()

Last update: December 20, 2011