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Research ResourcesSurvey of Consumer Finances

1989 Survey of Pension Providers

Previous year SCF releases:

Survey Data

1989 Survey of Pension Providers Data
This is the final version of the rectangular ASCII file released to the public. PKZIP compression is available. (See H.15 for software to uncompress PKZIP files.) The size of the uncompressed ASCII flatfile is approximately 15 MB.
Survey data ()
Last updated December 20, 1993

Two types of software are available for the 1989 SPP: a program for reading the data into a SAS data set and then merging that information with the corresponding cases in the main 1989 SCF data set; and a program for computing pension benefits for plan participants.

Software for Reading the 1989 SPP
The following program provides examples of SAS code to merge the 1989 SPP data with appropriate observations from the 1989 SCF. Because the 1989 SPP covered participants in the 1983-89 SCF panel and participants in the 1989 SCF cross-section, separate code is provided for linking the 1989 SPP data with either set of the 1989 SCF data.
Cross-section merge data ()
Panel merge data ()
SAS program ()

Programs to Compute Pension Benefits
Survey Research Center, University of Michigan
These programs are written in Borland Pascal (as distinguished from Borland Turbo Pascal). This software falls roughly into two parts: The first reads the SPP data and derives formula representations of the benefits from the plans. The second part uses these formulas together with the main SCF data (or other data) to compute (1) a benefit conditioned on a set of characteristics and (2) a present value of that benefit. The files are provided in a zipped file, which also contains documentation of the program. This documentation is also available separately in PDF format. The programs offered here were produced by the University of Michigan. No warranty is made for the performance of these files.
Program files including documentation ()
Documentation only ()

Screener Data for Health Care
In the intitial contact with the pension provider, a set of questions was asked about the provision of health insurance coverage. The questionnaire and the data are provided below along with a data dictionary containing a variable number, a variable label with a cross-reference to the underlying question in the questionnaire, the location of the variable in each record, and the number of bytes occupied by the variable.
Questionnaire ()
Data dictionary ()
Screener data ()

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