1967 Memos
February 1

Criteria for Increasing Membership in the Federal Reserve Network of Reciprocal Currency Arrangements (PDF)

February 28

Continuing Authority Directive (PDF)

March 2

Record of discussions on publication of data on System foreign currency operations (PDF)

April 28

Alternative Policies on the Disclosure of System Operations in Foreign Currencies (PDF)

June 7

Time for FOMC meetings (PDF)

June 9

Maturity Dates of Swap Lines with Common Market Central Banks (PDF)

June 15

Procedures with Respect to FOMC Policy Record Entries (PDF)

September 20

Possible 1968 FOMC meeting schedule (PDF)

September 22

Proposed meeting schedule for 1968 (PDF)

October 18

Possible 1968 meeting schedules (PDF)

  • Question regarding date of organization meeting

November 9

"Even Keel" Policy (PDF)

  • Interpretation of "Even Keel" Policy
  • The Behavior of Interest Rates, Bank Credit, and Marginal Reserve Measures During "Even Keel": 1965 - Mid-1967
  • Brief History of System Direct Support of Treasury Financings

November 13

Proposed Directive Language (PDF)

December 5

Short-dated sterling swaps with U.S. commercial banks (PDF)

  • Recommendation of Foreign Exchange Committee Re Short Cash Sterling Positions
  • Intervention in the pound sterling market

December 6

The planning and execution of Open Market operations in the wake of the devaluation of sterling (PDF)

December 15

IMF Consultations with the U.S. (PDF)

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