February 01, 2010

Federal Reserve launches a new website for bank directors

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The Federal Reserve on Monday launched a website to help new bank directors learn how they can work to ensure the safety and soundness of their institutions. The website, BankDirectorsDesktop.org, also provides a refresher course for experienced board members.

BankDirectorsDesktop.org is tailored to directors of community banks and features online training and other resources to help directors better understand the issues and challenges associated with serving on a bank's board. The website includes links to the "Training for Bank Directors" interactive course and the latest edition of Basics for Bank Directors, a comprehensive guide to directors' roles and responsibilities.

"Many people who are asked to serve on bank boards have little training or experience to prepare them for their new roles," said Patrick M. Parkinson, director of the Federal Reserve Board's Division of Banking Supervision and Regulation. "This website has been developed with new directors in mind, but there is plenty of useful information for those who have already spent time on bank boards."

Last Update: February 01, 2010