The FRRS contains all Board regulations as well as select regulations from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the Department of the Treasury’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network—all arranged by topic for easy reference—with underlying statutes as well as related interpretations, policy statements, rulings, and staff opinions. To enhance its accessibility, the FRRS is updated monthly and has been extensively cross-referenced by means of a subject index, citation indexes, and finding tables. Three annual subscription options are available: digital, print + digital, or print.


Subscribers receive full access to, including bonus reference material not available in the print edition as well as a collection of download-ready PDF files of all regulations published in the FRRS.
1-user annual subscription: $300 
10-user annual subscription: $1,000
50-user annual subscription: $2,500
100-user annual subscription: $3,500

Print + Digital

Subscribers receive a five-volume loose-leaf set (plus monthly updates) and automatically receive 1-user digital access.
Annual subscription: $400


Four parts of the FRRS are published and available in print form as handbooks for those with interest only in specific topics. Subscribers receive a loose-leaf handbook (plus monthly updates).

Consumer and Community Affairs Handbook

Contains Regulations B, E, G, H (subpart H), M, V, Z, BB, and FF, plus related statutes, commentaries, and policy statements. Also contains the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s Regulations B, C, E, M, P, V, Z, and DD, plus related commentaries.
Annual subscription: $175/handbook

Monetary Policy and Reserve Requirements Handbook

Contains Regulations A and D, plus related statutes, interpretations, and staff opinions.
Annual subscription: $110/handbook

Payment System Handbook

Contains Regulations J, CC, EE, GG, HH, and II—dealing with expedited funds availability, check collection, wire transfers, internet gambling, designated financial market utilities, and debit cards—plus related statutes, commentaries, and policy statements.
Annual subscription: $110/handbook

Securities Credit Transaction Handbook

Contains Regulations T, U, and X—dealing with extensions of credit for the purchase of securities—plus related statutes, interpretations, rulings, and staff opinions.
Annual subscription: $110/handbook

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Last Update: July 02, 2018