FedEZFile Contacts

For system access issues regarding FedEZFile and other technical problems, please visit FedEZFile Fluent for more information or contact FedEZFile Support at 1-833-656-4644 or through email at [email protected] on weekdays from 7:00 am – 7:00 pm central time.

FedEZFile change representatives have been designated in each Federal Reserve Bank District during normal business hours to help you understand the system and how to use it.

District Contact Phone Number E-Mail Address
Boston Katya Berezhnaya 617-973-4286 [email protected]
Chris Gillett 617-973-3848 [email protected]
New York Nadira Hosein 212-720-6295 [email protected]
Lisa Brannon-Perrin 212-720-5352 [email protected]
Philadelphia Brian Slagle 215-574-4345 [email protected]
Christina Vito 215-574-4369 [email protected]
Cleveland Todd Hershberger 216-579-2442 [email protected]
Ryan Schilling 513-455-4406 [email protected]
Richmond Travers Edwards 804-697-8222 [email protected]
Mark Heringhaus 704-358-2371 [email protected]
Atlanta Julie Mizell 404-498-7299 [email protected]
Yashica Pope 404-498-7493 [email protected]
Chicago Bob Krause 515-241-1461 [email protected]
Lisa Smith 515-241-1477 [email protected]
St. Louis Holly Rieser 314-444-4713 [email protected]
Greg Wynd 314-444-4632 [email protected]
Minneapolis Julie Randall 612-204-5202 [email protected]
Mike Scott 612-204-5193 [email protected]
Kansas City Ashle Baxter 303-572-2393 [email protected]
Malea Parton 816-881-2964 [email protected]
Dallas Robert Amsler 214-922-6087 [email protected]
Katherine Starnes 214-922-6232 [email protected]
San Francisco Tania Luhde 415-974-3229 [email protected]
Martin Karpuk 415-974-2864 [email protected]
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Last Update: March 14, 2024