Examiner Training and Commissioning

The examiner training program has several objectives, but primarily strives to ensure that examiners receive the knowledge required to keep pace with recent and expected changes in the banking industry. Examiner training also encourages the use of skills to successfully conduct risk-focused examinations (e.g., critical thinking, strategic thinking, investigative, leadership, and interpersonal communication) while addressing the System’s diverse supervisory responsibilities (e.g., large bank versus small bank examination responsibilities). [Examiner Commissioning Program (ECP), formerly SR 98-2]

Policy Letters

Examiner Training and Commissioning

Overview of the Federal Reserve's Supervisory Education Programs

Supervisory Guidance for Assessing Risk Management at Supervised Institutions with Total Consolidated Assets Less than $100 Billion

Supervisory Considerations for the Communication of Supervisory Findings

Consolidated Supervision of Bank Holding Companies and the Combined U.S. Operations of Foreign Banking Organizations

Guidance Regarding Restrictions on Institutions in Troubled Condition

Guidelines for Using External Experts on Examinations, Inspections, and Other Bank Supervision Matters

Uniform Rating System for Information Technology

Rating the Adequacy of Risk Management Processes and Internal Controls at State Member Banks and Bank Holding Companies

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Last Update: October 03, 2023