Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I've entered the applicant/notificant's official name in the search window, but I'm not getting the information I'm looking for. Is there something special I need to do?

A: You may need to try a different form of the applicant/notificant's name. Applicants/notificants are listed by full names, and you may need to try several name variations before you find the one you're looking for. For best results, start your search by entering only the most significant part of the name, for example, Citizens.

Q: I still can't find the applicant/notificant by entering its name in the search window. What should I do now?

A: Try the other approach: Instead of searching on the bank name, select criteria to narrow your search to a particular Reserve Bank, or section of law, or both and then look for the bank on the list that appears.

Q: What is the significance of "Section of law" category?

A: "Section of law" refers to the relevant sections of the Bank Holding Company Act, the Change in Bank Control Act, and the Home Owners' Loan Act. You may search for an application or notice by selecting one of these options:

  • 3: Bank acquisition and merger proposals filed under section 3 or sections 3 and 4 of the Bank Holding Company Act
  • 4: Proposals for nonbanking activities filed under section 4 of the Bank Holding Company Act
  • 3 and 4: Proposals that involve transactions under both sections 3 and 4 of the Bank Holding Company Act
  • CIBC: Notices filed under the Change in Bank Control Act
  • HOLA: Notices filed under the Home Owners' Loan Act

Q: I know that this application/notification has been filed, but it isn't listed in the H.2A. Why not?

A: The H.2A is a list of all Bank Holding Company Act and HOLA applications and notices and Change in Bank Control notices that have been sent to the Federal Register for publication. The application or notice you are attempting to locate may not have been sent yet to the Federal Register; or it may not require publication in the Federal Register and thus will not be listed in the H.2A. Also, once the System has acted on a proposal, it will be deleted from the H.2A. For further information, you may contact the appropriate Reserve Bank.

Last Update: January 26, 2011 4:15 PM