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Notices filed since the H.2A dated May 19, 2017

The following companies and individuals seek System approval to acquire a bank holding company, a savings and loan holding company, bank or savings and loan association or a nonbanking company in a transaction that is subject to the Bank Holding company Act of 1956 (12 U.S.C. 1841 et seq.), the Change in Bank Control Act (12 U.S.C. 1817 (j)), the Home Owners' Loan Act (12 U.S.C.1467a), Regulations Y, LL, MM, or other applicable statutes and regulations. Comments regarding the applications and notices must be received in writing at the Reserve Bank indicated, or at the Board of Governors, no later than the end of the public comment period. Addresses for the Board and the Federal Reserve Banks are listed at the end of this release.

The public portions of the applications and notices, as well as other related filings required by the Board, may be obtained on an expedited basis by contacting the appropriate Federal Reserve Bank; addresses are listed at the end of this release. Applications and notices also may be obtained from the Board. Additional information on all bank holding companies may be obtained from the National Information Center website.

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Applicant or notificant  Acquiree or activity Section
of law
End of
Comment Period
Asif M. Dakri and Faizel M. Dakri, Houston, Texas; to acquire voting shares of Wallis Bancshares, Inc. (“Wallis Bancshares”), Houston, Texas, and thereby indirectly acquire voting shares of Wallis State Bank, Wallis, Texas CIBC Dallas 05/09/2017
Basswood Capital Management, LLC; Basswood Opportunity Partners, LP, Basswood Financial Fund, LP, and Basswood Financial Long Only Fund, LP, funds for which Basswood Partners, LLC, serves as General Partner And more. to acquire voting shares of CommerceWest Bank, Irvine, California. CIBC San Francisco 06/06/2017
Berkshire Hathaway Inc. and National Indemnity Company, both of Omaha, Nebraska; to acquire shares of American Express Company, New York, New York, and thereby acquire shares of American express Centurion Bank, Salt Lake City, Utah. CIBC New York 06/08/2017
California BanCorp; to become a bank holding company by acquiring 100 percent of the voting shares of California Bank of Commerce, both of Lafayette, California. 3 San Francisco 05/22/2017
Capitol of Texas Bancshares, Inc., Austin, Texas; to become a bank holding company by acquiring 100 percent of the voting shares of The Bank of Austin, Austin, Texas. 3 Dallas 06/12/2017
CBB Bancorp, Inc., Dover, Delaware,; to become a bank holding company by acquiring 100 percent of the voting shares of Commonwealth Business Bank, Los Angeles, California 3 San Francisco 06/20/2017
China Merchants Group Limited (CMG), Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, the People's Republic of China to engage de novo through its ownership and control of China International Marine Container Group (CIMC) Leasing USA Inc., Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois 4 New York 05/25/2017
Chong W. Chun, McDonough, Georgia, Kyong H. Chun, McDonough, Georgia, Sheila Chun, Atlanta, Georgia, Grace H. Chun, Mableton, Georgia, Hwa Yong Heidi Chun, McDonough, Georgia, And more. to acquire voting shares of First IC Corporation, Doraville, Georgia, and thereby indirectly acquire voting shares of First IC Bank, Atlanta, Georgia. CIBC Atlanta 05/31/2016
Don O. Walsworth, Sr. 1974 Irrevocable Trust, Kansas City, Missouri; Don O. Walsworth 2006 Irrevocable Trust, Don O. Walsworth 2006 Revocable Trust, and Don O. Walsworth, Sr., individually and as trustee, And more to retain voting shares of Citizens Bancshares Co., and thereby retain shares of Citizens Bank and Trust Company, both of Kansas City, Missouri. CIBC Kansas City 05/23/2017
Farmers & Merchants Bancorp, Lodi, California; to acquire 39.45 percent of the outstanding voting shares of Bank of Rio Vista, Rio Vista, California. 3 San Francisco 06/26/2017

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