IFDP 1981-195
Speculative Hyperinflations in Maximizing Models: Can We Rule Them Out?

Maurice Obstfeld and Kenneth Rogoff

IFDP 1981-193
Exchange-Rate Regimes in Transition: Italy 1974

Robert P. Flood and Nancy Peregrim Marion

IFDP 1981-192
The Information Content of the Interest Rate and Optimal Monetary Policy

Matthew B. Canzoneri, Dale W. Henderson, and Kenneth S. Rogoff

IFDP 1981-190
Gold Monetization and Gold Discipline

Robert P. Flood and Peter M. Garber

IFDP 1981-189
Primary Energy Demand and Its Allocation Among Energy Sector Shares

Laurence Jacobson, Alice Loftin, and Stephan Thurman

IFDP 1981-187
Capital Mobility and the Scope for Sterilization: Mexico in the 1970s

Robert E. Cumby and Maurice Obstfeld

IFDP 1981-184
Empirical Exchange Rate Models of the Seventies: Are Any Fit to Survive?

Richard Meese and Kenneth Rogoff

IFDP 1981-181
Oil Price Shocks in a Portfolio-Balance Model

Jerry Caprio and Peter B. Clark

IFDP 1981-180
Oil Price Indexing-Versus Large Price Shocks: Macroeconomic Impacts

Laurence Jacobson and Stephan Thurman

IFDP 1981-179
Some Consequences of U.S. Taxation of Foreign Banks

Allen B. Frankel

IFDP 1981-178
Net Foreign Asset Positions and Stability in a World Portfolio Balance Model

Dale W. Henderson and Kenneth Rogoff

IFDP 1981-176
The British Banking System's Demand for Cash Reserves

David H. Howard

IFDP 1981-175
International Portfolio Disturbances and Domestic Monetary Policy

Jeffrey R. Shafer and Edwin M. Truman

IFDP 1981-174
Exchange Intervention Policy in a Multiple Country World

Matthew B. Canzoneri

IFDP 1981-172
Transversality Conditions in Infinite Horizon Models

Jo Anna Gray and Steven W. Salant

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