2016 Seminars

Seminar speakers visit for one day to make a presentation.

Name Affiliation Topic
Antras, Pol Harvard University Inequality, Costly Redistribution and Welfare in an Open Economy
Are Aasveit, Knut Norges Bank Asymmetric Effects of Monetary Policy in Regional Housing Markets
Bali, Turan Georgetown University Common Risk Factors in the Cross-Section of Corporate Bond Returns
Bianchi, Francesco Duke University Escaping the Great Recession
Campbell, Jeff Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago Forward Guidance and Macroeconomic Outcomes Since the Financial Crisis
Carroll, Chris Johns Hopkins University The Distribution of Wealth and the Marginal Propensity to Consume
Christensen, Jens Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco The TIPS Liquidity Premium
De Nardi, Mariacristina University College London and Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago The Implications of Richer Earnings Dynamics for Consumption, Wealth, and Welfare
Donaldson, Dave Stanford University The More We Die, The More We Sell? A Simple Test of the Home-Market Effect
Dovis, Alessandro Pennsylvania State University Self-Fulfilling Debt Crises: A Quantitative Analysis
Drautzburg, Thorsten Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia Political Distribution Risk and Business Cycles
Fahlenbrach, Ruedigger École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne Why Does Fast Loan Growth Predict Poor Performance for Banks?
Fajgelbaum, Pablo University of California, Los Angeles State Taxes and Spatial Misallocation
Gabaix, Xavier New York University Behavioral Macroeconomics via Sparse Dynamic Programming
Garriga, Carlos Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis Mortgages and Monetary Policy
Germaschewski, Yin Howard University House Prices, Banking Sector Regulation and Exchange Rate Policy: An Application to China
Giesecke, Kay Stanford University Deep Learning for Mortgage Risk
Giroud, Xavier Massachusetts Institute of Technology Redistribution of Local Labor Market Shocks through Firms' Internal Networks
Gourio, Francois Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago Risk Premia at the ZLB: a macroeconomic interpretation
Handbury, Jessie The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania Urban Revival in America, 2000 to 2010
Hirsch, Barry Georgia State University Trouble in the Tails: Earnings Nonresponse and Response Bias across the Distribution
Ilut, Cosmin Duke University Learning, Confidence, and Business Cycles
Jones, Damon University of Chicago The Effect of the Social Security Earnings Test on Work: A Novel Method for Estimating Extensive Margin Responses
Kaufmann, Daniel Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich Is Deflation Costly After All? Evidence from Historical Price, Wage and Unemployment Data
Keister, Todd Rutgers University Bailouts, Bail-ins and Banking Crises
Keller, Wolfgang University of Colorado International Trade and Job Polarization: Evidence at the Worker-Level
Kellogg, Ryan University of Michigan Information Asymmetry, Drilling Distortions, and Second-Best Oil and Gas Leases
Kurban, Haydar Howard University The Growth of Local Education Transfers: Explaining How Older Households Have Supported Schools
Lunsford, Kurt Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland Identifying Structural VARs with a Proxy Variable and a Test for a Weak Proxy
Mehrotra, Neil Brown University A Contagious Malady? Open Economy Dimensions of Secular Stagnation
Mendoza, Enrique University of Pennsylvania Optimal Time-Consistent Macroprudential Policy
Meyer-Gohde, Alexander University of Hamburg Risk Sensitive Linear Approximations
Miller, Bob Carnegie Mellon University Market Formation and Dissolution
Nagel, Stefan University of Michigan Ross School of Business Bank Risk Dynamics and Distance to Default
Ng, Serena Columbia University Uncertainty and Business Cycles: Exogenous Impulse or Endogenous Response?
Nguyen, Hoai-Luu University of California, Berkeley Do Bank Branches Still Matter? The Effect of Closings on Local Economic Outcomes
Ozdagli, Ali Federal Reserve Bank of Boston Business Complexity and Risk Management: Evidence from Operational Risk Events in U.S. Bank Holding Companies
Peichl, Andreas Center for European Economic Research (ZEW) Do Higher Corporate Taxes Reduce Wages? Micro Evidence from Germany
Presbitero, Andrea International Monetary Fund Banks, Firms, and Jobs
Pugsley, Benjamin Federal Reserve Bank of New York Demographic Origins of Start Up Deficit
Rauch, James University of California, San Diego History Dependence in Networks of Close Relationships
Redding, Stephen Princeton University A Unified Approach to Estimating Demand and Welfare
Reed, Adam University of North Carolina Revealing Shorts: An Examination of Large Short Position Disclosures
Riegler, Markus University of Bonn Solving Heterogeneous Agents Models Using Past Error Terms of the Law of Motion
Rognlie, Matthew Princeton University Inequality and Aggregate Demand
Rothschild, David Microsoft Research Lab- New York City Opt-In Data Collection: Markets, Polls, Manipulation, and Forecasting
Saidi, Farzad Stockholm School of Economics Life Below Zero: Bank Lending Under Negative Policy Rates
Sanchez, Juan Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis Sovereign Default and Maturity Choice
Savov, Alexi New York University Stern School of Business A Model of Monetary Policy and Risk Premia
Schmid, Lukas Duke University Interest Rate Risk Management In Uncertain Times
Schmidt, Lawrence University of Chicago Climbing and Falling off the Ladder: Asset Pricing Implications of Labor Market Event Risk
Seegert, Nathan University of Utah At a Loss: The Elasticity of Corporate Income at the Zero Kink
Staiger, Robert Dartmouth University Learning by Ruling: A Dynamic Model of Trade Disputes
Tenreyro, Silvana London School of Economics The Transmission of Monetary Policy Operations through Redistributions and Durable Purchases
Tintelnot, Felix University of Chicago What Drives Home Market Advantage?
Vallee, Boris Harvard Business School Contingent Capital Trigger Effects: Evidence from Liability Management Exercises
Welch, Ivo University of California, Los Angeles Long-Term Capital Budgeting
Williams, Noah University of Wisconsin Optimal Unemployment Insurance and Cyclical Fluctuations
Wozniak, Abigail University of Notre Dame The Impacts of Moving on Family Structure in U.S. Army Data
Wright, Jonathan Johns Hopkins University Forecasting with Model Uncertainty: Representations and Risk Reduction
Xu, Daniel Duke University Two-Sided Search in International Markets
Zetlin-Jones, Ariel Carnegie Mellon University The Maturity Structure of Inside Money
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