2018 Seminars

Seminar speakers visit for one day to make a presentation.

Name Affiliation Topic Host
Giorgio Primiceri Northwestern Economic Predictions with Big Data: The Illusion of Sparsity FS
Effi Benmelech Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern Debt, Information and Illiquidity (with Nittai Bergman) FS
Andrea Eisfeldt UCLA OTC AlIntermediaries FS
Albert Alex Zevelev Baruch College-CUNY Does Collateral Value Affect Asset Prices? Evidence from a Natural Experiment in Texas. FS
Xuemin (Sterling) Yan University of Missouri Macroeconomic Risk, Expected Market Return, and the Cross-Section of Stock Returns (with Lingling Zheng) FS
Julian Begenau Stanford Do Banks have an Edge FS
Dan Greenwald MIT Sloan Financial Fragility with SAM?(by Daniel Greenwald, Tim Landvoigt, and Stijn Van Nieuwerburgh) FS
Nicolas Caramp UC Davis Sowing of Seeds of Financial Crises: Endogenous Asset Creation and Adverse Selection FS
Matthew Baron Cornell University Bank Equity and Banking Crises FS
Basil Williams NYU Model Secrecy and Stress Tests Iwith Yaron Leitner) FS
Jonathan Heathcote FRB Minneapolis Wealth and Volatility (Joint with Fabrizio Perri) IF
Joseph Kaboski Notre Dame Dispersion in Financing Costs Development (join with Cavalcanti, and Santos IF
Mike Sposi FRB Dallas Demographics and the Evolution of Global Imbalances IF
Mathieu Rosenbaum Ecole Polytechnique High-frequency trading, market microstructure, markets volatility IF
Paolo Surico LBS Investment, employment and the transmission of monetary policy: evidence from firm-level data IF
Pat Akey Toronto Politicizing Consumer Credit (Joint with Rawley Heimer and Stefan Lewellen IF
Giancarlo Corsetti U. of Cambridge Markets and Markups: A new Empirical Framework and Evidence on Exporters from China IF
Oliver Jeanne John Hopkins Currency Wars and Trade Wars: A Welfare Analysis IF
David Thesmar MIT New Experimental Evidence on Expectations Formation IF
Francesco Zanette Oxford State Dependence in Labor Market Fluctuations: Evidence, Theory and Policy Implications IF
Aitor Erce ESM Fiscal multipliers and foreign holdings of public debt IF
Pierre Olivier Gourinchas Berkeley   IF
Natalia Ramondo UC San Diego Trade with Correlation IF
Vivian Yue Emory The Two-Pillar Policy fro the RMB IF
IF Seminar- Cynthia Wu Chicago Booth A Shadow Rate New Keynesian Model IF
Matteo Maggiori Harvard International Currencies and Capital Allocation IF
Nicholas Coeurdacier Sciences Po Capital Flows in an Aging World IF
Ann Harrison Wharton   IF
Athanasios Orphanides MIT The ECB and the euro crisis IF
Paul Mizen Nottingham Brexit as a Misallocation Shock RS
Christian Hilber LSE The Economic Impacts of Constraining Second Home Investments RS
Jonathan Parker MIT Reported Preference vs. Revealed Preference: Evidence from the propensity to spend tax rebates RS
Neale Mahoney Chicago   RS
Valerie Smeets Aarhus Offshoring and Firm Reorganization RS
Daniel Wilson SF Fed Clearing the Fog: The Predictive Power of Weather for Employment Reports and Their Asset Price Responses RS
Lisa Kahn Yale SOM Dropouts Need Not Apply: The Minimum Wage and Skill Upgrading RS
Juan Carlos Suarez Serrato Duke Tax Policy and Lumpy Investment Behavior: Evidence from China's VAT Reform RS
Eric Zwick Chicago Booth Speculative Dynamics of Prices and Volume RS
Tobias Salsz Columbia Frictions in a Competitive Regulated Market: Evidence from Taxis (joint with Guillaume Frechette and Alessandro Lizzeri) RS
Guillermo Marshall Illinois Vertical Integration with Multi-Product Firms: When Eliminating Double Marginalization May Hurt Consumers (with Fernando Luco) RS
Lise Vesterlund University of Pittsburgh Breaking the Glass Ceiling: Insights from Experimental Economics RS
Peter Blair Clemson Why Don't Elite Colleges Expand Supply? RS
Tatyana Deryugina Illinois Firm-Level Financial Resources and Environmental Spills (with Jonathan Cohn) RS
Koichiro Ito Chicago Harris Do Consumers Distinguish Marginal Cost from Fixed Cost? Evidence from Heating Price Reform in China (with Shuang Zhang) RS
Andrew Metrick Yale The New Bagehot Project RS
Adi Sunderam Harvard The Cross Section of Bank Value (with Mark Egan and Stefan Lewellen) RS
Itamar Drechsler NYU Liquidity Creation as Volatility Risk (joint with Alan Moreira and Alexi Savov) RS
Marti Subrahmanyam NYU Credit default swaps around the world: Investment and financing effects (Söhnke M. Bartram, Jennifer Conrad, and Jongsub Lee) RS
Felix Matthys ITAM The Volatility and Uncertainty Disconnect: Optimal Portfolio Choice and Asset Prices (with Emilio Osambela and Ronnie Sircar) RS
Steven Davis Chicago Booth What Triggers Stock Market Drops? RS
Agostino Capponi Columbia The Collateral Rule: An Empirical Analysis of the CDS Market (with W. Cheng, Stefano Giglio, and Richard Haynes) RS
John Earle GMU High-Growth Entrepreneurship (with J. David Brown, Mee Jung Kim, Kyung Min Lee) RS
Yao Zeng University of Washington ETF Arbitrage under Liquidity Mismatch (with Kevin Pan) RS
Lutz Kilian University of Michigan The Propagation of Regional Shocks in Housing Markets: Evidence from Oil Price Shocks in Canada, with Xiaoqing Zhou RS
Muto Ichiro Bank of Japan Missing Wage Inflation? Estimating the Natural Rate of Unemployment in a Nonlinear DSGE Model (Yuto Iwasaki, Ichiro Muto, and Mototsugu Shintani) RS
Fiona Greig JP Morgan Institute Household Financial Behavior: What Banking Data Can Tell Us, If We Ask RS
Jacob Cosman Johns Hopkins Market concentration in homebuilding (with Luis Quintero) RS
Elod Takats BIS The ABCs of Bank PBRs (with Ingo Fender and Bilyana Bogdanova) RS
Martin Wagner Bank of Slovenia, University of Dortmund and IHS Vienna Some further developments in cointegrating regression analysis RS
Sabrina Howell NYU Entrepreneurial Spillovers from Corporate R&D RS
Sebastian Infante Bilbao FRB Collateral Runs (with Alexandros Vardoulakis) RS
Robert Engle NYU How Much SRISK is Too Much? (joint with Tianyue Ruan) RS
Skander Van den heuvel FRB The Welfare Effects of Bank Liquidity and Capital Requirements RS
Jose Mustre-del-Rio Kansas City Fed The Persistence of Financial Distress RS
Matt Pritsker Boston Fed Measuring Risks in Hedge Funds: Evaluation and Usefulness of Exposure Data in Form PF (with Phillip Monin and Stathis Tompaidis) RS
Amos Golan American University Data Confession, Torture and Truth: Classical Statistics vs. Info-Metrics RS
Christopher Herrington Virginia Commonwealth University Family Structure, Human Capital Investment, and Aggregate College Attainment (with Adam Blandin) RS
Rongrong Zhang Georgia Southern University Network Centrality of Customers and Suppliers (with Jie Yang) RS
Maarten de Ridder Cambridge Investment in Productivity and the Long-Run Effect of Financial Crises on Output RS
Katherine Waldock Georgetown University Unsecured Creditor Control in Chapter 11 RS
Saroj Bhattarai UT Austin Global Spillover effects of US Uncertainty RS
Seung Lee FRB The U.S. Syndicated Loan Market: Matching Data (with Gregory J. Cohen, Melanie Friedrichs, Kamran Gupta, William Hayes, W. Blake Marsh, Nathan Mislang, Maya Shaton, and Martin Sicilian) RS
David Rappoport FRB Liquidity and the Law of One Price: Evidence from ETF Premia (with Tugkan Tuzun) RS
Brent Bundick Kansas City Fed Forward Guidance, Monetary Policy Uncertainty, and the Term Premium RS
Karlye Stedman UNC Synchronicity of Quantitative Easing and the Yield Curve RS
Mihail Velikov Richmond FRB Accounting for the Anomaly Zoo: a Trading Cost Perspective (with Andrew Chen) RS
Eric Leeper University of Virginia Recovery of 1933, with Margaret M. Jacobson and Bruce Preston RS
Michael Lovenheim Cornell University The Effect of State Funding for Postsecondary Education on Long-Run Student Outcomes RS
Friederike Niepmann FRB Global Investors, the Dollar and U.S. Credit Conditions (with Tim Schmidt-Eisenlohr) RS
Fergus Cumming Bank of England Monetary Policy and its Effect on Regional Employment RS
Julio Garín Claremont McKenna College Repatriation Taxes RS
Marzena Rostek Wisconsin-Madison Exchange Design and Efficiency RS
Jennifer Hunt Rutgers Why Are Fewer Workers Earning Middle Wages and is it a Bad Thing? (with Ryan Nunn) RS
Basit Zafar Arizonia State Univresity Expectations with Endogenous Information Acquisition: An Experimental Investigation RS
Laura Liu FRB Monetary Policy across Space and Time (with Christian Matthes and Katerina Petrova) RS
Dean Croushore University of Richmond Fiscal Surprises at the FOCM (joint with Simon van Norden) RS
Jim Stock Harvard University Slack and cyclically sensitive inflation, with Mark Watson RS
Vincenzo Quadrini USC - Marshall School of Business The growth of Emerging Markets and Global Macro Instability and Commitment and Competition RS
Eugene White Rutgers Monetary Policy When One Size Does Not Fit All: Federal Reserve Banks and the Recession of 1920-1921 (with Ellis Tallman) RS
Davide Tomio UVA Central Bank–Driven Mispricing (with Marti Subrahmanyam, Loriana Pelizzon and Jun Uno) RS
Michael Weber Chicago Booth Human Frictions to the Transmission of Economic Policy MA
Carola Frydman Northwestern Kellogg Financial Frictions and Employment during the Great Depression MA
Victoria Ivashina Harvard Business U.S. Monetary Policy and Emerging Market Credit Cycles MA
Randall Wright Wisconsin School of Business Open Market Operations MA
Vasso Ioannidou Lancaster (Why) Do central banks care about their profits? MA
Michael Schwert Wharton Does Borrowing from Banks Cost More than Borrowing from the Market? MA
Paul Willen Boston Fed Technological Innovation in Mortgage Underwriting: 1985-2015 MA
Valentin Haddad UCLA Do Intermediaries Matter for Aggregate Asset Prices? MA
Jane Ihrig and Gretchen Weinbach FRB The Mechanics of Monetary Policy Implementation MA
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