2020 Seminars

Seminar speakers visit for one day to make a presentation.

Name (First Last) Affiliation Topic Host Division
Yiming Ma Columbia The Passthrough of Treasury Supply to Bank Deposit Funding (joint with Wenhao Li and Yang Zhao) FS
Christine Parlour UC Berkeley, Haas When FinTech Competes for Payment Flows (joint with Uday Rajan and Haoxiang Zhu) FS
Will Diamond Wharton Credit Cycles with Market-Based Household Leverage (joint with Tim Landvoight) FS
Andrew Atkeson UCLA Understanding 100 Years of the Evolution of Top Wealth Shares in the U.S.: What is the Role of Family Firms? (joint with Mangus Irie) FS
Pablo Kurlat USC Investmant Externalities in Models of Fire Sales FS
Miguel Faria-e-Castro FRB St Louis A Quantitative Analysis of the Countercyclical Capital Buffer FS
Ana Fostel UVA Endogenous Leverage and Default in the Laboratory (joint with Marco Cipriani and Daniel Houser) FS
Anusha Chari UNC Chapel Hill In Search of Distress Risk in Emerging Markets IF
Ricardo Caballero MIT A Model of Asset Price Spirals and Aggregate Demand Amplification of a "COVID-19" Shock IF
Veronica Guerrieri Chicago Booth Macroeconomic Implications of COVID-19: Can Negative Supply Shocks Cause Demand Shortages? IF
Julian Kozlowski FRB St. Louis Macroeconomic Implications of Uniform Pricing (joint with Diego Daruich) IF
Serdar Birinci FRB St. Louis Labor Market Policies During an Epidemic IF
Mikhail Chernov UCLA A no-arbitrage perspective on global arbitrage opportunities (joint with P. Augustin, L. Schmid, and D. Song) IF
Marina Azzimonti Stony Brook Pandemic Control in ECON-EPI Networks (joint with A. Fogli, F. Perri, and M. Ponder) IF
Reka Juhasz Columbia All aboard: The aggregate effects of port development (joint with Cesar Ducruet, David Krisztian Nagy, and Claudia Steinwender) IF
Boragan Aruoba University of Maryland SVARs with Occasionally-Binding Contraints (joint with Frank Schorfheide and Sergio Villalvazo) IF
Kevin Donovan Yale Labor Market Dynamics and Development (joint with Will Jianyu Lu and Todd Schoellman) IF
Christoph Trebesch Kiel Institute Coping with Disasters: Two Centuries of International Official Lending IF
Refet Gurkaynak Bilkent Monetary Policy Surprises and Exchange Rate Behavior IF
Francois Gourio FRB Chicago Capital Heterogeneity and Investment Prices: How Much are Investment Prices Declining? (joint with Matthew Rognlie) MA
Amir Sufi Chicago Booth   MA
Annette Vissing-Jorgensen UC Berkeley, Haas Bond Markets in Spring 2020 and the Response of the Federal Reserve MA
Andrea Rossi Arizona The Performance of Hedge Fund Performance Fees (joint with Itzhak Ben-David and Justin Birru) MA
Jules Van Binsbergen Wharton Risk Free Interest Rates MA
Anna Cieslak Duke Common Shocks in Stocks and Bonds (joint with Hao Pang) MA
Richard Evans UVA The Performance of Diverse Teams: Evidence from U.S. Mutual Funds MA
Christian Merkl Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg Wage Cyclicalities and Labor Market Dynamics at the Establishment Level: Theory and Evidence (joint with Heiko Stüber) R&S
Sheila Olmstead UT Austin   R&S
Andreas Rapp FRB Post-Trade Disclosure and its Impact on Dealer Liquidity Provision R&S
Chae Hee Shin FRB Post-crisis Signals in Securitization: Evidence from Auto ABS (joint with Elizabeth Klee) R&S
Asaf Manela Washington University, Olin The Partisanship of Financial Regulators (joint with Joseph Engelberg and Jared Williams) R&S
Kyle Dempsey OSU Bank Market Power, Customer Capital, and the Speed of Recapitalizations (joint with Miguel Faria-e-Castro) R&S
Suresh Naidu Columbia Monopsony and Employer Mis-optimization Explain Why Wages Bunch at Round Numbers R&S
Ralf Meisenzahl Chicago Fed The Dollar and Corporate Borrowing Costs (joint with Friederike Niepmann and Tim Schmidt-Eisenlohr) R&S
Sebastian Infante FRB The Collateral Link Between Volatility and Risk Sharing (joint with Guillermo Ordoñez) R&S
Sarah Zubairy Texas A&M Public Pension Reforms and Fiscal Foresight: Narrative Evidence and Aggregate Implications R&S
Alexandros Vardoulakis Yale Banks, Nonbanks, and Lending Standards (joint with Matt Darst and Ehraz Refayet) R&S
Michal Kowalik FRB Boston Credit Cards and the Great Recession: The Collapse of Teasers (joint with Lukasz A. Drozd) R&S
Andrew Chen FRB The Limits of p-Hacking: a Series of Thought Experiments R&S
Jean-Noel Barrot HEC Paris Costs and Benefits of Closing Businesses in a Pandemic (joint with Basile Grassi and Julien Sauvagnat) R&S
Lei Li FRB Banks as Lenders of First Resort: Evidence from the COVID-19 Crisis (joint with Philip Strahan and Song Zhang) R&S
Leah Brooks GWU A Clean Slate or a Blighted Future? The Long-Run Impact of the 1968 Washington, DC Civil Disturbance R&S
Carlo Wix FRB The COVID-19 Shock and Consumer Credit: Evidence from Credit Card Data (joint with Akos Horvath and Benjamin Kay) R&S
Matilde Bombardini UC Berkeley, Haas Did US Politicians Expect the China Shock? R&S
Mohammad Jahan-Parvar FRB Global Economic Uncertainty and the U.S. Equity Returns” (joint with Yuriy Kitsul, Jamil A. Rahman, and Beth Anne Wilson) R&S
Jeremy Stein Stanford A Quantity-Driven Theory of Term Premia and Exchange Rates R&S
Yi Li FRB Does Mutual Fund Illiquidity Introduce Fragility into Asset Prices? Evidence from the Corporate Bond Market (joint with Hao Jiang, Zheng Sun, and Ashley Wang) R&S
Mathias Kruttli FRB Banking on Carbon: Corporate Lending and Cap-and-Trade policy (joint with Ivan Ivanov and Sumudu Watugala) R&S
Maryam Farboodi MIT Internal and External Effects of Social Distancing in a Pandemic (joint with Gregor Jarosch and Robert Shimer) R&S
Franco Peracchi Georgetown University Are People Aware of Their Cognitive Decline? Misperception and Financial Decision Making R&S
Limor Golan Washington University (St. Louis)   R&S
Dan Li FRB True Cost of Immediacy (joint with Terrence Hendershott, Dmitry Livdan and Norman Schurhoff) R&S
Scott Nelson Chicago Booth School How Costly is Noise? Data and Disparities in the US Mortgage Market (joint with Laura Blattner) R&S
Itay Goldstein Wharton Liquidity Transformation and Fragility in the US Banking Sector (joint with Qi Chen, Zeqiong Huang, and Rahul Vashishtha) R&S
Lee Lockwood UVA Anti-Insurance: Health Insurance Worsens Risk Exposure R&S
Maria Cecilia Bustamante Maryland Knowledge Cycles and Corporate Investment (joint with Julien Cujean and Laurent Fresard) R&S
Bernardo Morais FRB Financing the Government’s Supply Chain – Procurement Rules and Credit Misallocation (joint with Sumit Agarwal, Javier Perez-Estrada and Claudia Ruiz) R&S
Xin Huang FRB A Tale of Two Tail Risks: Bank Credit Risk and Financial Market Jump Hazard R&S
Darrell Duffie Stanford The Decline of Too Big to Fail (joint with Antje Berndt and Yichao Zhu) R&S
Ana Babus Washington University (St. Louis) Markets of Financial Innovations (joint with Kinda Hachem) R&S
Allan Timmermann UCSD Dividend Suspensions and Cash Flow Risk during the COVID-19 Pandemic R&S
Laura Bakkensen University of Arizona Shocks, Cyclones, and Economic Growth: Bridging the Micro-Macro Gap (joint with Lint Barrage) R&S
Lei Li FRB Who Supplies PPP Loans (And Does It Matter)? Banks, Relationships and the COVID Crisis (joint with Philip Strahan) R&S
Aysegul Sahin UT Austin The Great Seasonal Moderation R&S
Beata Javorcik Oxford, EBRD Unravelling Deep Integration: Local Labour Market Effects of the Brexit Vote R&S
Alberto Rossi Georgetown University Who Benefits from Robo-advising? Evidence from Machine Learning R&S
Mark Garmaise UCLA Anderson Spending Less After (Seemingly) Bad News (joint with Yaron Levi and Hanno Lustig) S&R
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