2023 Seminars

Seminar speakers visit for one day to make a presentation.

Name (First Last) Affiliation Topic
Natalia Bailey Monash University Measuring Cross-country Spill-overs of Growth-at-Risk (joint with L. Li and G. Caggiano)
Xavier Jaravel London School of Economics Implementing Helicopter Money with Negative Interest Rates: Evidence from a Randomized Experiment (joint with Johannes Boehm and Etienne Fize)
Loriana Pelizzon Goethe University A Preferred-Habitat Model of Repo Specialness (joint with R. Jappelli & M. Subrahmanyam)
Ralph Luetticke University of Tubingen Foregin Savings and Domestic Business Cycles with Heterogeneous Agents (joint with Seungchool Lee & Morten Ravn)
Emi Nakamura & Jon Steinsson UC Berkeley The Macroeconomic Consequences of Exchange Rate Depreciations
Darrell Duffie Stanford GSB Reserves Were Not So Ample After All (joint with Adam Copeland & Yilin (David) Yang)
Darrell Duffie Stanford GSB Treasury Market Dysfunction: What Explains it and How can it be Addressed, in the Last Resort, with Official-Section Purchases?
Motohiro Yogo Princeton University Exchange Rates and Assett Prices in a Global Demand System (joint with Ralph, S.J. Koijen)
Harald Uhlig University of Chicago A Luna-tic Stablecoin Crash
Stijn van Nieuweburgh Columbia Business School Work From Home and the Office Real Estate Apocalypse (joint Vrinda Mittal & Aprit Gupta)
Jonathan Halket Texas A&M Mays The Cross Section of Housing Returns
Andreas Moxnes University of Oslo Growing Together and Apart: Scale Economies and Specialization
Joon Park & Yoosoon Chang Indiana University From Functional Autoregressions to Vector Autoregressions
Carlo Wix Federal Reserve Board Who Pays For Your Rewards? Redistribution in the Credit Card Market
Brian Kovak Carnegie Mellon University Wage Insurance for Displaced Workers
Alejandro Lopez-Lira University of Florida Warrington Follow the Pipeline: Anticipatory Effects of Proposed Regulations (joint with Suzanne Chang and Joseph Kalmenovitz)
Sharjil Haque Federal Reserve Board Private Equity and Corporate Borrowing Constraints: Evidence from Loan Level Data (joint with Young Soo Jang and Simon Mayer)
Yan Bai University of Rochester Rising Current Account Dispersion: Financial or Trade Integration? (joint with George Alessandria and Soo Kyung Woo)
Nils Goernemann Federal Reserve Board Devaluations, Deposit Dollarization, and Household Heterogeneity (joint with Francesco Ferrante)
Sebnem Kalemli-Ozcan University of Maryland US Monetary Policy Transmission: At Home and Abroad
Danilo Cascaldi-Garcia Federal Reserve Board What Happens in China Does Not Stay in China (joint with William Barcelona, Jasper Hoek, and Eva Van Leemput)
Gianluca Benigio University of Lausanne Policy Spillovers in a Global Economy
Evan Mast University of Notre Dame Static Neighborhoods, Dynamic People: Migration, Income Dynamics, and Neighborhood Composition
Andrea Ariu University of Milan On the Mystery of the Missing Trade in Services
Linda Schilling Washington University St. Louis Olin Smooth versus Harsh Regulatory Interventions and Policy Equivalence
Alp Simsek Yale School of Management A Monetary Policy Asset Pricing Model (joint with Ricardo Caballero)
Carlos Carvalho Pontifical Catholic University Rio Price Setting when Expectations are Unanchored
Doug Hanley University of Pittsburgh Patents to Products: Product Innovation and Firm Dynamics (joint with David Argente, Salome Baslandze, and Sara Moreira)
Chris Evans & Simon Voigts International Monetary Fund Global Macroeconomic Model for the Energy Transition (GMMET)
Chenzi Xu Stanford University Liquidity, Debt Denomination, and Currency Dominance (joint with Antonio Coppola and Arvind Krishnamurthy)
Eric Ghysels University of North Carolina Chapel Hill Tensor Principal Component Analysis (joint with Andrii Babii and Junsu Pan)
Yiming Ma Columbia Business School Stablecoin Runs and the Centralization of Arbitrage
Keisha Solomon Howard University Insurance, Out-of-Pocket Expenses, and Financial Hardship Among Individuals Approaching Retirement: Evidence from State Medicaid Expansions (joint with Katie Fitzpatrick)
Anthony Cookson University of Colorado Boulder The Social Signal (joint with Runjing Lu, William Mullins, and Marina Niessner)
Nick Pretnar University of California Santa Barbara Measuring Inequality with Consumption Time
Adrien Matray Princeton University Financial Inclusion, Economic Development, and Inequality: Evidence from Brazil (joint with Julia Fonseca)
Carlos Ramirez Federal Reserve Board The Anatomy of U.S. Overnight Triparty Repo Markets (joint with Mark Paddrik)
Carlo Acerbi MSCI Group The Ridge Backtest for Expected Shortfall
Juan Pablo Nicolini FRB Minneapolis Two Illustrations of the Quantity Theory of Money Reloaded (joint with Han Gao and Mariano Kulish)
Mariassunta Giannetti Stockholm School of Economics "Green Glossy" Banks: The Disconnect Between Environmental Disclosures and Lending Activities
Stefan Gissler Federal Reserve Board Pushing Bonds Over the Edge: Investor Demand and Municipal Bond Liquidity (joint with John Bagley, Kent Hiteshew, and Ivan Ivanov)
Lisa Kahn University of Rochester Racial and Ethnic Inequality and the China Shock (joint with Lindsay Oldenski and Geunyong Park)
Dave Donaldson Massachusetts Institute of Technology Putting Quantitative Trade Models to the Test: Evidence from the Trump Tariffs
Erica Jiang University of Southern California Marshall School of Business The Rise of Shadow Banks in Servicing Household Debt
Mikhail Chernov University of California Los Angeles The real channel for nominal bond-stock puzzles (joint with Lars Lochstoer and Dongho Song)
Jennifer La'O Columbia University Optimal Monetary Policy with Redistribution (joint with Wendy Morrison)
Emily Williams Harvard Business School Buy Now, Pay Later Credit: User Characteristics and Effects on Spending Patterns (joint with Marco Di Maggio and Justin Katz)
Alexander Zentefis Yale School of Management Bank Branch Access: Evidence from Geolocation Data
Cameron Lapoint Yale School of Management Property Tax Sales, Private Capital, and Gentrification in the U.S.
Andrew Chen Federal Reserve Board Peer-reviewed theory does not help predict the cross-section of stock returns (joint with Alejandro Lopez-Lira and Tom Zimmermann)
Russell Wong Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond Leveraging the Disagreement on Climate Change: Theory and Evidence
Lucas Herrenbrueck Simon Fraser University Interest Rates, Moneyness, and the Fisher Equation
Michael Weber University of Chicago Booth School of Business Memory & Beliefs: Evidence from the Field (joint with Francesco D'Acunto)
Gustavo Cortes University of Florida A Century of Municipal Bond Financing (joint with Igor Cunha and Klenio Barbosa)
Leena Rudanko Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia Hiring Freezes and Asymmetric Adjustment in a Frictional Labor Market
David Argente Pennsylvania State University Strategic Complementarities in a Dynamic Model of Technology Adoption: P2P Digital Payments
Antonio Coppola Stanford University The Geography of Capital Allocation in the Euro Area
Natalia Emanuel Federal Reserve Bank of New York The Power of Proximity: Training for Tomorrow or Productivity Today? (joint with Emma Harrington and Amanda Pallais)
Malin Hu Vanderbilt University Default Risk Heterogeneity and Borrower Selection in the Mortgage Market
Erin Wolcott Middlebury College Did Racist Labor Policies Reverse Equality Gains for Everyone?
Ran Abramitzky Stanford University The Immigrant-Native Incarceration Gap in the United States: 1870-2020
Tatyana Deryugina University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign The Long Run Effect of Air Pollution on Survival
Francesco Bianchi/Eric Leeper Johns Hopkins University/University of Virginia Getting (Global) Inflation Under Control: The Role of Fiscal Policy
Holger Mueller New York University Stern School of Business Propagation and Amplication of Local Productivity Spillovers
John Larsen and Ben King Rhodium Group Energy system modelling of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA)
Hilary Hoynes University of California Berkeley Legal Representation in Disability Claims (joint with Nicole Maestas, and Alexander Strand)
Lukas Schmid University of Southern California Marshall School of Business Government Debt Management and Inflation with Real and Nominal Bonds (joint with Vytautus Valaitis and Alessandro T. Villa)
Travis Nesmith Federal Reserve Board Optimal Bidder Selection in Clearing House Default Auctions (joint with Rodney Garratt, David Murphy, and Xiaopeng Wu)
Michele Boldrin Washington University St. Louis A Theory of the Dynamics of Factor Shares
Tim Zhang University of Wyoming A Tale of Two Institutions? Credit Union Expansion and Local Banking Segmentation
Stefania D'Amico Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago Open-Ended Treasury Purchases: From Market Functioning to Financial Easing
Andras Borsos Complexity Science Hub Vienna A High-Resolution Agent-Based Model of the Housing Market with Macroprudential Applications
Lindsay Relihan Purdue University Krannert School of Management The Impact of Work-from-Home on Brick-and-Mortar Retail Establishments: Evidence from Card Transactions
Cecilia Parlatore New York University Designing Stress Scenarios (joint with Thomas Philippon)
Joseph Vavra University of Chicago Booth School of Business Refinancing Frictions, Mortgage Pricing and Redistribution (joint with David Berger, Konstantin Milbrat and Fabrice Tourre)
Stephane Hallegatte World Bank The Macroeconomic Implications of a Transition to Zero Net Emissions
Quentin Vandeweyer University of Chicago Booth School of Business Central Bank's Balance Sheet and Trasury Markets Disruptions
Andre De Castro Silva Nova School of Business and Economics Dealer Costs and Customer Choice (joint with Lucas Dyskant and Bruno Sultanum)
Katharine Abraham University of Maryland College Park The Independent Contractor Workforce: New Evidence on its Size and Composition and Ways to Improve its Measurement in Household Surveys (joint with Brad Hershbein, Susan N. Houseman, and Beth Truesdale)
Jacob Leshno University of Chicago Booth School of Business Can open decentralized ledgers be economically secure?
Cesare Robotti University of Warwick Priced Risk in Corporate Bonds (joint Alexander Dickerson and Philippe Mueller)
Jennie Bai Georgetown University The Value of Data to Fixed Income Investors (joint with Jian Li and Asaf Manela)
Viral Acharya New York University Stern School of Business Liquidity Dependence and the Waxing and Waning of Central Bank Balance Sheets
Javier Ferri University of Valencia Net-Zero Transition and Welfare in General Equilibrium
Thomas Philippon New York University Additive Growth
Regis Barnichon Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco Evaluating Policy Institutions - 150 Years of US Monetary Policy (joint with Geert Mesters)
Steven Baker Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond Disagreement and Control Rights: Implications for Debt Policy and Aggregate Dynamics (joint with Zhaohui Chen and Timothy Johnson)
Beia Spiller Resources for the Future Time Varying Pricing and the Impact on Electric Truck and Bus Fleet Charging (joint with Eleftheria Kontou, Ben Mandel, Elizabeth Stein, and Alexander Yoshizumi)
Munseob Lee University of California San Diego Government Purchases and Firm Growth
Margit Reischer Georgetown University Pathways to Persistence (joint Vasco Carvalho)
Justin Johnson University of Minnesota/Stanford Natural Capital Project Investing in nature can improve equity and economic returns
Ram Yamarthy Federal Reserve Board Sovereign Credit Risk, U.S. Monetary Policy, and the Role of Financial Intermediaries (joint with Johannes Poeschl and Ivan Shaliastovich)
Juan Rubio-Ramirez Emory University Uniform Priors for Impulse Responses (joint with Jonas Arias and Dan Waggoner)
Ross Doppelt Pennsylvania State University Should Macroeconomists Use Seasonally Adjusted Time Series? Structural Identification and Bayesian Estimation in Seasonal Vector Autoregressions
Nick Roussanov Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania Getting to the Core: Inflation Risks Within and Across Asset Classes
Yufeng Wu Ohio State University Will Central Bank Digital Currency Disintermediate Bank? (joint with Toni Whited and Kairong Xiao)
Ali Ozdagli Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas Moody's Scenario Study: Climate Transition Risk Analysis with Carbon Price Scenarios
Michael Smolyansky Federal Reserve Board End of an Era: The coming long-run slowdown in corporate profit growth and stock returns
Murillo Campello Cornell University Delayed Creative Destruction: How Uncertainty Shapes Corporate Assets (joint with Gaurav Kankanhalli and Hyunseob Kim)
Stijn van Nieuweburgh Columbia Business School Understanding Rationality and Disagreement in House Price Expectations (joint with Zigang Li and Wang Renxuan)
Matthieu Gomez Columbia University Asset-Price Redistribution (joint with Andreas Fagereng, Emilien Gouin-Bonenfant, Martin Holm, Benjamin Moll, and Gisle Natvik)
Matteo Maggiori Stanford University A Framework for Geoeconomics
Christopher Anderson Federal Reserve Board Regulating Bank Portfolio Choice Under Asymmetric Information
Fran Moore University of California Davis Synthesis of evidence yields higher social cost of carbon due to model extensions and uncertainties
Thanasis Geromichalos University of California Davis Endogenous determination of liquidity in secondary asset markets
Francesco D'Acunto Georgetown University Memory & Beliefs: Evidence from the Field (joint with Michael Weber)
Toomas Laarits New York University Stern School of Business When do Treasuries Earn the Convenience Yield? - A Hedging Perspective (joint with Viral V. Acharya)
Karsten Mueller National University of Singapore Corporate Debt, Boom-Bust Cycles, and Financial Crises
Milena Wittwer Boston College Entry and Exit in Treasury Actions
Jorge Miranda-Pinto International Monetary Fund A Model of Expenditure Shocks (joint with Daniel Murphy, Kieran James Walsh, and Eric R. Young)
Andy Neumeyer Universidad Torcuato Di Tella Models of Balance of Payments Crises with Capital Controls (joint with Emilio Espino and Alfonso Gauna)
Soojin Kim Georgia State University Care for the China Syndrome: Trade Shock, Sick Workers, and Access to Healthcare
Kairong Xiao Columbia Business School Nonbank Fragility in Credit Markets: Evidence from a Two-Layer Asset Demand System (joint with Oliver Darmouni and Kerry Siani)
Ralf Meisenzahl Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago What do underwriters learn from investors: Evidence from leveraged loans
Jay Im Federal Reserve Board Can green transition avoid stressing bank lending? Evidence from Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (joint with Stephen Karolyi)
Yu An Johns Hopkins University Carey Business School An Arbitrage Approach to Informed Order Flow (joint with Zeyu Zheng)
Adi Sunderam Harvard Business School Perceptions about Monetary Policy (joint with Michael D. Bauer and Carolin E. Pflueger)
Antoinette Schoar Massachusetts Institute of Technology Anatomy of a Run: The Terra Luna Crash (joint with Jiagen Liu and Igor Makarov)
Bradley Setzler Pennsylvania State University Imperfect Competition in Labor and Product Markets: The Case of the Construction Industry (joiny with Jory Kroft, Yao Luo, and Magne Mogstad)
Isil Erel Ohio State University Monetary Policy Transmission Through Online Banks (joint with Jack Liebersohn, Constantine Yannelis, and Samuel Earnest)
Luminita Stevens University of Maryland Price Rigidities in US Business Cycles (joint with Camilo Morales-Jimenez)
Hitesh Doshi University of Houston C.T. Bauer College of Business The Risk and Return of Equity and Credit Index Options (joint with Jan Ericsson, Mathieu Fournier, and Sang Byung Seo)
Corinne Hartin/Erin McDuffie Environmental Protection Agency Advancing the estimation of future climate impacts within the United States
Ioannis Spyridopoulos American University Does Banking Consolidation Harm Households (joint with Celso Brunetti and Jeff Harris)
Meredith Fowlie University of California, Berkeley How Are Insurance Markets Adopting to Climate Change? Risk Selection and Regulation in the Market for Homeowners Insurance (joint with Judd Boomhower, Andrew Pantinga, and Jacob Gellman)
Jhacova Williams American University The Highway to Displacement: Insterstate 10 and Black Communities in New Orleans
Anna Stansbury Massachusetts Institute of Technology How do Firms respond to Unions? (joint with Samuel Dodini and Alexander Willen)
Caroline Flammer Columbia University Biodiversity Finance (joint with Thomas Giroux and Geoffrey Heal)
Felipe Alves Bank of Canada Some Like it Hot: Monetary Policy Under Okun's Hypothesis (joint with Giovanni L. Violante)
Tyler Muir University of California Los Angeles Whatever it Takes? The Impact of Conditional Policy Promises (joint with Valentin Haddad and Alan Moreira)
Andrei Levchenko University of Michigan Globalization, Structural Change and International Comovement
Mark Aguiar Princeton University Pareto Improving Fiscal and Monetary Policies: Samuelson in the New Keynesian Model (joint with Manuel Amador and Cristina Arellano)
Oleg Itskhoki University of California Los Angeles Optimal Exchange Rate Policy (joint with Dmitry Mukhin)
Lutz Kilian Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas The Role of the Prior in Estimating VAR Models with Sign Restrictions (joint with Atsushi Inoue)
Richard Rogerson Princeton University Occupations, Life Cycle Wage Growth and Inequality (joint with Andres Erosa and Gueorgui Kambourov)
Mathias Trabandt Goethe University Frankfurt Understanding Post-COVID Inflation Dynamics (joint with Jesper Linde and Martin Harding)
Pari Sastry Columbia Business School Business as Usual: Bank Climate Commitments, Lending, and Engagement (joint with David Marques-Ibanez and Emil Verner)
Tarek Alexander Hassan Boston University The Diffusion of New Technologies (joint with Aakash Kalyani, Nicholas Bloom, Marcela Carvalho, John Lerner, and Ahmend Tahoun)
Chen Wang University of Notre Dame Valuation Duration of the Stock Market (joint with Ye Li)
Andrea Vedolin Boston University SDF Bounds (joint with Piotr Orlowski, Alireza Tahbaz-Salehi, and Fabio Trojani)
Simon Mongey Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis Pricing Inequality (joint with Michael Waugh)
Sean Flynn Cornell University Determinants of Return to Office Policies (joint with Andra Ghent and Vasudha Nair)
Allan Timmermann University of California San Diego Forecasting with panel data: estimation uncertainty versus parameter heterogeneity (joint with Hashem Pesaran and Andreas Pick)
Sharjil Haque Federal Reserve Board How Private Equity Fuels Non-Bank Lending (joint with Simon Mayer and Teng Wang)
Kelly Shue Yale School of Management Counterproductive Sustainable Investing: The Impact Elasticity of Brown and Green Firms (joint with Samuel Hartzmark)
Shan Ge New York University Measuring the Climate Risk Exposure of Insurers (joint with Hyeyoon Jung, Robert Engle, and Xuran Zeng)
Toshi Mukoyama Georgetown University Occupational Reallocation Within and Across Firms: Implications for Labor-Market Polarization (joint with Naoki Takayama and Satoshi Tanaka)
Kyle Dempsey Ohio State University Capital Requirements with Non-Bank Finance
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