2022 Seminars

Seminar speakers visit for one day to make a presentation.

Name (First Last) Affiliation Topic
Anna Beatriz Galvao Warwick Sovereign Defaults: a Panel Binary Conditional Forecasting Approach (joint with M. McCracken and M. Owyang)
Kathleen McKiernan Vanderbilt Incentives for Early Retirement and Pension Reform
Teresa Fort Dartmouth Structural Change Within Versus Across Firms: Evident from the United States
Francesco Bianchi Johns Hopkins Monetary and Fiscal Policies in Times of Large Debt: Unity is Strength (joint with Renato Fa
Pol Antras Harvard Global Sourcing and Multinational Activity: A Unified Approach
Mick Devereux UBC Foreign Reserves Management and Original Sin
Joseph Steinberg Toronto Tax Evasion and Captial Taxation
Karen Lewis Penn Wharton Who Holds Sovereign Debt and Why it Matters (joint with Xiang Fang and Bryan Hardy)
Maxime Liegey Strasbourg University The Effect of Import Competition across Occupations
Jan Schymik University of Mannheim Trade Adjustment and Productivity in the Eurozone: Nominal Rigidities and the Germany Shock
Turan Bali Georgetown A Factor Model for Stock Options
Alessandro Melone Fisher College of Business Consumption Disconnect Redux
Ana Maria Santacreu FRB St. Louis Dynamic Gains from trade agreements with intellectual property provisions
Manuel Garcia-Santana World Bank Understanding home bias in procurement: Evidence from national and subnational governemtns (joint with Marta Santamaria)
Javier Bianchi FRB Minneapolis Bank Runs, Fragility, and Credit Easing
Anna Cieslak Duke Policymakers' Uncertainty
Stephie Fried Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco Riding the waves: Inequality and adaptation to extreme temperatures in a chaging climate
Johannes Wieland UCSD Micro MPCs and Macro Counterfractuals: The Case of the 2008 Rebates
Gabriel Chodorow-Reich Harvard The Macroeconomics of the Greek Depression (joint with Loukas Karabarbounis and Rohan Kekre)
Mindy Xiaolan UT Austin What Drives Variation in the U.S. Debt/Output Ratio? The Dogs that Didn't Bark (joint with Zhengyan Jiang, Hanno Lustig, and Stijn Van Nieuwerburgh)
Peter Maxted Berkeley Haas Present Bias Amplifies the Household Balance-Sheet Channels of Monetary Policy (joint with David Laibson and Benjamin Moll)
Moritz Lenel Princeton Monetary Policy, Segmentation, and the Term Structure (joint with Rohan Kekre and Federico Mainardi)
Laura Liu Indiana University Full Information Estimation of Heterogeneous Agent Models Using Macro and Micro Data (joint with Mikkel Plagborg-Moller)
Carter Braxton University of Wisconsin Changing Income Risk across the US Skill Distribution: Evidence from a Generalized Kalman Filter (joint with Kyle Herkenhoff, Jonathan Rothbaum, and Lawrence Schmidt)
Ioana Marinescu UPenn Minimum Wage Employment Effects and Labor Market Concentration (joint with Jose Azar, Emiliano Huet-Vaughn, Bledi Taska, and Till von Wachter)
Gregory Casey Williams College Projecting the impacts of climate change: the role of macroeconomic dynamics (joint with Stephie Fried and Ethan Goode)
Stefano Giglio Yale A Quantity-based Approach to Constructing Climate Risk Hedge Portfolios (joint with Georgij Alekseev, Quinn Maingi, Julia Selgrad, and Johannes Stroebel)
Per Krusell Stockholm University Suboptimal climate policy, II (joint with John Hassler and Conny Olovsson)
Anastasia Shcherbakova Coherent Economics Price Volatility Information and Consumer Choice in Electricity Markets
Ariel Zetlin-Jones Carnegie Mellon The Crypto Carry Trade (joint with Nicolas Christin, Bryan R. Routledge, and Kyle Soska)
Marek Jarocinski European Central Bank Estimating the Fed's Unconventional Policy Shocks
Daniel Paravisini London School of Economics Credit Fire Sales: Captive Lending as Liquidity in Distress
Viktor Todorov Northwestern Kellogg Jumps, Leverage and Risk Premiums (joint with Tim Bollerslev)
Virgiliu Midrigan New York University Why are Returns to Private Business Wealth So Dispersed? (joint with Corina Boar and Denis Gorea)
Emily Tavoulareas Georgetown Design and Public Service: The role of technology and design in the public service
Filipe Varas Duke Debt Maturity Management (joint with Yunzhi Hu and Chao Ying)
Alex Teytelboym Oxford New empirical facts about dark web and clear web marketplaces (joint with Alberto Bracci, Matthieu Nadini, Maxwell Aliapoulios, Damon McCoy, Ian Gray, Angela Gallo, and Andrea Branochelli)
Peter J. Klenow Stanford Customers and Retail Growth (joint with Liran Einav, Jonathan Levin, and Raviv Murciano-Goroff)
Thorsten Koeppl Queen's University PayTech and the D(ata) N(etwork) A(ctivities) of BigTech Platforms (joint with Jonathan Chiu)
Alejksander Berentsen University of Basel The Wild West of Crypto
Jonathan Wallen Harvard Business School Many Markets Make Good Neighbors: Multimarket Contact and Deposit Banking
Stefan Nagel Chicago Booth Dynamics of Subjective Risk Premia
Corina Boar New York University Markups and Inequality
Clara Martinez-Toledano Imperical College Business School House Price Cycles, Wealth Inequality and Portfolio Reshuffling
Alexander Zentefis Yal University School of Management Bank Access across America
Stijin Claessens BIS TBA
Wenxin Du University of Chicago Booth School of Business TBA
Rafael Repullo CEMFI The Deposits Channel of Monetary Policy: A Critical Review
Jane Li Columbia Business School The Importance of Investor Heterogeneity: An Examiniation of the Corporate Bond Market
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