2023 Workshops

Workshops are internal presentations made by Board staff.

Name (First Last) Topic
Kyungmin Kim & Diego Vilan Balance Sheet Policies in an Evolving Economy: Some Modelling Advances and Illustrative Simulations (joint with Hess Chung, Etienne Gagnon, James Hebden, Bernd Schlusche, Eric Till & James Trevino)
Steve Salop (Georgetown University) Rebuilding Platform Antitrust: Moving on from Ohio v. American Express (joint with Daniel Francis, Lauren Sillman, and Michaela Spero)
Travis Adams More than Words: Twitter Chatter and Financial Market Sentiment
Kenneth Eva A Comprehensive Empirical Evaluation of Biases in Expectation Formation (joint with Fabian Winkler)
Johannes Fleck Tax and Transfer Progressivity at the US State Level (joint with Jonathan Heathcote, Kjetil Stoesletten, and Giovanni L. Violante)
Nicola Pierri (IMF) The Anatomy of Banks' IT Investments: Drivers and Implications
Eva Janssens Finite-State Markov-Chain Approximations: A Hidden Markov Approach (joint with Sean McCrary)
Dave Byrne, Adrian Hamins-Puertolas, and Molly Harnish Transistors all the Way Down: Viability of Direct Volume Measurement (and Price Indexes) for Semiconductors
Yannick Timmer Pushing Risky Firms on a String: Asymmetric Effects of Monetary Policy
Paul Ho (FRB Richmond) Multilateral Comovement in a New Keynesian World: A Little Trade Goes a Long Way
Jin-Wook Chang Contagion in Debt and Collateral Markets (joint with Grace Chuan)
Nikola Tarashev (BIS) Risk Taking by Asset Managers and Bank Regulation (joint with Inaki Aldasoro and Wenqian Huang)
Francesco Furlanetto (Norges Bank) The Macroeconomic Effects of the Gender Revolution (joint with Drago Bergholt and Luca Fosso)
Colin Hottman Who's Most Exposed to International Shocks (joint with Ryan Monarch)
Tomer Ifergane (Ben Gurion University) The Racial Wealth Gap: the Role of Entrepreneurship (joint with Daniel Albuquerque)
Aytek Malkozov (Queen Mary University of London) Demand-and-Supply Imbalance Risk and Long-Term Swap Spreads
Isabel Cairo Labor Market Discrimination and the Racial Unemployment Gap: Can Monetary Policy Make a Difference? (joint with Avi Lipton)
Bence Bardoczy, Jae Sim, and Andreas Tischberek Excess Savings and Aggregate Demand, A View from FR-HANK
Oliver Bush (Bank of England) Fiscal Policy Rules and Nominal Stability: Evidence and Some Theory
Benjamin Dennis Household, Bank, and Insurer Exposure to Miami Hurricanes: a flow-of-risk analysis
Olivier Wang (NYU) Banking on Uninsured Deposits (joint with Itamar Drechsler, Alexi Savov, and Philipp Schnabl)
Francesca Carapella Interbank trade: why it's good and how to get it
Eric Nielsen Identifying and Estimating Causal Effects Using Bunching
Sebastian Graves The Labor Demand and Labor Supply Channels of Monetary Policy (joint with Chris Huckfeldt and Eric Swanson)
Ryuichiro Izumi (Wesleyan University) CBDC: Banking and Anonymity (joint with Yuteng Cheng)
Hie Joo Ahn Relative prices and pure inflation since the mid-1990s
Noemie Pinardon-Touati (Columbia University) The Crowding Out Effect of Local Government Debt: Micro- and Macro-Estimates
Cynthia Doniger Education and the Margins of Cyclical Adjustment in the Labor Market
Manuel Gonzalez-Astudillo Hawkish or Dovish Fed? Guaging the Monetary Policy Stance of the Median Participant of the Federal Open Market Committee
Hyunseung Oh Land development and frictions to housing supply over the business cycle (joint with Choongryul Yang and Chamna Yoon)
Sai Ma Monetary-Based Asset Pricing: A Mixed-Frequency Structural Approach (joint with Sydney Ludvigson and Francesco Bianchi)
Bence Bardoczy Unemployment Insurance in Macroeconomic Stabilization with Imperfect Expectations (joint with Joao Guerreiro)
Toni Ahnert (ECB) CBDC and Financial Stability (joint with Peter Hoffmann, Agnese Leonello, and Davide Porcellacchia)
Camilo Morales Jimenez Endogenous Labor Supply in Estimated New-Keynesian Model: Nominal vs. Real Rigidities (joint with Isabel Cairo, Francesco Ferrante, Cristina Fuentes-Albero, Hess Chung, and Damjan Pfajfar)
Chris Gust and David Lopez-Salido Optimal Monetary Policy with Uncertain Private Sector Foresight
Daniel Beltran, Nick Botti, Flora Haberkorn, Seung Jung Lee, and Anderson Monken Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Artifical Intelligence, and Large Language Models (like ChatGPT) at the Fed
Angela Maddaloni (ECB) Pandemic Lending: Micro and Macro Effects of Model-Based Regulation
Margaret Jacobson Debt Flexibility (joint with Rhys Bidder, Nicolas Crouzet, and Michael Siemer)
Simon Smith Breaks in the Phillips Curve: Evidence from Panel Data (joint with Allan Timmerann and Jonathan Wright)
Choongryul Yang Selection in Information Acquisition and Monetary Non-Neutrality (joint with Hassan Afrouzi)
Maddie Penn International Trade and Gender Gaps in College Enrollment (joint with Sarah Conlisk, Gaston Navarro, and Ricardo Reyes-Heroles)
Cecilia Caglio, Jennifer Dlugosz, and Marcelo Rezende Flight to Safety in the Regional Bank Crisis of 2023
Ivan Ivanov (FRB Chicago) The "Privatization" of Municipal Debt (joint with Tom Zimmermann)
Rehim Kilic On and Off with Uncovered Interest Rate Puzzles in an Emerging Market Economy
Christine Dobridge The Secular Decline in Private Firm Leverage (joint Aymeric Bellon, Erik Gilje, and Andrew Whitten)
Luca Mazzone (International Monetary Fund) A Labor Market Sorting Model of Scarring Hysteresis (joint with Edoardo Acabbi and Andrea Alati)
Naoki Yago (University of Cambridge) Intervening Against the Fed (joint with Yannick Timmer)
Matt Massicotte What do regulatory data tell us about small business credit conditions?
Aina Puig (American University) Monetary Policy Transmission by Gender and Race: The Inequality Unexplained by Income
Ali Uppal (University of California San Diego) Can Monetary Policy Support Financial Stability? Evidence from Bank Leverage
Collin Jones (University of California Berkeley) Convenient Asset Demand: High Frequency Evidence Revisited
Andrew Kane (Duke University) Product Price Change Timing and Stock Return
Katherine Richard (University of Michigan) Punishing Poverty: Labor Supply and Program Enrollment Effects of Harsher TANF Work Sanctions
Bethel Cole-Smith (Howard University) Neighborhoods, Labor Markets, and the China Trade Shock
Mariano Palleja (University of California Los Angeles) Composition Effects in OTC Transaction Costs
Alvaro Silva (University of Maryland) Inflation and Production Networks in Small Open Economies
Seho Kim (University of Maryland) Carbon Tax and Misallocation across Heterogeneous Firms
Kenji Wada (New York University) A Model of Capital and Crises with Structured Ambiguity
Becca Jorgensen (Wharton School of the Univeristy of Pennsylvania) The Consequences of Vertical Integration in Residential Real Estate Markets
April Meehl (University of Wisconsin School of Business) Bailouts, Bail-ins, and Banking Industry Dynamics
Jinyoung Seo (University of California Davis) The Determinants of Bond-Stock Correlation: the Role of Trend Inflation and Monetary Policy
Mateo Velasquez-Giraldo (Johns Hopkins University) Beliefs, Stockholding, and Wealth Accumulation Throughout the Lfe-Cycle
Paolo Varraso (New York University) Financial Intermediaries, Optimal Iunterest Rate Risk Exposure, and Macroeconomic Dynamics
Nick Zarra (New York University Stern School of Business) Priming the Stock Market: Hedge Funds, Prime Brokers, and Intermediated Equities (joint with Daniel J. Barth)
Jose Martinez Gutierrez (Washington University in St. Louis) Hetergeneous Liquidity Demand and the Term Structure of Interest Rates
Stavros Panageas (University of California Los Angeles) Cross-subsidization of Bad Credit in a Lending Crisis (joint with Nikolaos Artavanis and Brian Jongwhan Lee)
Steve Sharpe Do Equity Analysts' Near-term Earnings Forecasts Reflect Macreconomic Conditions?
Robert Kurtzman Long and Variable Lags: Evidence from Commercial Construction Projects
Andrew McCallum Tariffs and Goods-Market Search Frictions (joint with Pawel M. Krolikowski)
Yu-Ting Chiang (Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis) Financial Intermediation and Aggregate Demand: A Sufficient Statistics Approach
Giacomo Rella (Roma Tre University) Monetary Policy across the Wealth Distribution (joint with Alessandro Franconi)
Daniel te Kaat (University of Groningen) Portfolio Flows, Household Rebalancing, and Housing (joint with Chang MA and Alessandro Rebucci)
Christian Bartels Kastrup (University of Copenhagen) Firm Heterogeneity and the Transmission of Foreign Supply Shocks
Lena Draeger (Leibniz University Hanover) Inflation Literacy, Inflation Expectations, and Trust in the Central Bank: A Survey Experiment (joint with Giang Nghium)
Angelo D'Andrea (Bank of Italy) When Broadband Come to Banks: Credit Supply, Market Structure, and Information Acquisition (joint with Marco Pelosi and Enrico Sette)
Ben Johannsen The Rate of Convergence in Learning Models to Rational Expectations
Leland Farmer (University of Virginia) Disagreement About the Term Structure of Inflation Expectations (joint with Hie Joo Ahn)
Joao Ayres (Inter-American Development Bank) Mussa meets Backus-Smith: The Role of Primary Commodities (joint with Constantino Hevia and Juan Pablo Nicolini)
Jake Orchard Implausible MPCs? Lessons from the 2001 and 2008 tax rebates (joint with Valerie Ramey and Johannes Wieland)
Atreya Dey (University of Edinburgh) Volatile Temperatures and their Effects on Equity Returns and Firm Performance
Paul Soto Manufacturing Sentiment: Forecasting Industrial Production with Text Analysis
Marcel Priebsch Is the the Taylor Principle Alive or Dead? Yes.
Damien Capelle Optimal Taxation of Inflation
Ioana Neamtu (Bank of England) Lash Risk and Interest Rates (joint with Laura Alfaro, Saleem Bahaj, Robert Czech, and Jonathan Hazell)
Ana Galvao (Bloomberg Economics) Economic Data News and the Yield Curve
Mina Lee Who is Minding the Store? Order Routing and Competition in Retail Trade Execution (joint with Xing Huang, Philippe Jorion, and Christopher Schwarz)
Maria Tito Fiscal Stimulus and Vehicle Purchases: Evidence from the Economic Impact Payments and the Payroll Protection Program
Pascal Paul Monetary Transmission through Bank Securities Portfolios
Pau Belda The Fiscal Channel of Quantitative Easing
Gabriele La Spada (Federal Reserve Bank of New York) Scarce, Abundant, or Ample? A Time-Varying Model of the Reserve Demand Curve (joint with Gara Afonso, Domenico Giannone, Thomas M. Mertens, and John C. Williams
Neil Ericsson Labor Force Participation and Unemployment: Structural Change from the Pandemic? (joint with Victoria Tribone and Andrew B. Martinez)
Alexandros Vardoulakis Leverage and stablecoin pegs
Stefano Carrantini (GSU) Climate policy uncertainty and firms' and investors' behavior
Francesca Carapella Stablecoin Regulation
Ralf Meisenzahl (FRB Chicago) How Climate Change Shapes Bank Lending: Evidence from Portfolio Reallocation
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