2021 Workshops

Workshops are internal presentations made by Board staff.

Name (First Last) Topic
Garth Baughman Nonlinear Unemployment Effects of the Inflation Tax (joint with Mohammed Ait Lahcen, Stanislav Rabinovich, and Hugo van Buggenum)
Mitsuhiro Osada SME’s liquidity and default probability during the COVID period in Japan
Le Li Liquidity Restrictions, Runs, and Central Bank Interventions: Evidence from Money Market Funds
Teng Wang Stress Test Failures and Corporate Mergers and Acquisitions
Karen Pence Incentives and Tradeoffs in Designing a Crisis Liquidity Facility with Nonbank Counterparties: Lesson from the Term Asset-Backed Securities Loan Facility (joint with Dan Covitz and Ralf Meisenzahl)
Camelia Minoiu "Motivating Banks to Lend? Understanding Bank Participation in the Main Street Lending Program" (joint with Rebecca Zarutskie and Andrei Zlate)
Vlad Yankov Asset Valuations and Credit Allocations (joint with Arun Gupta)
Colin Weiss Intermediary Balance Sheets, Money Market Conditions, and Equity Risk Premia: Cross-Country Evidence, 1871-1913" (joint work w/ Lucille Conrad)
Jose-Luis Peydro Systemic Risk and Monetary Policy: The Haircut Gap Channel of the Lender of Last Resort (with Jasova, Laeven, Mendicino, Supera)
Yasin Mimir "Leaning against persistent financial cycles with occasional crises", jointly with Thore Kockerols (Norges Bank) and Erling Motzfeldt Kravik (Norwegian Ministry of Finance)
Andrea Passalacqua Independent monitoring and the credit market. Evidence from random selection of auditors
Salih Fendoglu (IMF) "Foreign Currency Debt and Network Externalities: Matched Credit and Firm-to-Firm Registers’ Evidence during a Foreign Exchange Rate Shock", joint with Eda Gülsen and Jose-Luis Peydro
David Rappoport Opitmal Design of Funding for Lending Programs
Melina Papoutsi (ECB) "How unconventional is green monetary policy?" (with Monika Piazzesi and Martin Schneider)
Simon Firestone "The interaction between commercial real estate implied volatility, regulation, and financial innovation" with Jacob Sagi and Nathan Godin
Thomas Dreschel (UMD) "Earnings-Based borrowing constraints and pecuniary externalities" (joint with Seho Kim UMD)
Thiago Ferreira Global Safe Assets and the Neutral Interest Rate
Rob Vigfusson, Jason Wu, and Daniel Beltran The Board's Work on Climate Policy
Andrew McCallum Why Don't Taxpayers Bunch at Kink Points? (joint with Michael Navarrate) Viktors Stebunovs "Risk-mitigating effects of being prompt and transparent (joint with Seung Lee and Lucy Liu) Ruth Judson and Juan Gozzi Valdez "Digital Assets
Ilknur Zer Boudt "The impact of risk cycles on business cycles" (joint with Jon Danielsson and Marcela Valenzuela)
Colin Hottman and Ricardo Reyes-Heroles The Effects of International Trade on the U.S. Philips Curve
Juan Morelli Information Frictions, Partial Defaults and Sovereign Spreads
Viktors Stebunovs and Lucy Liu (IMF) U.S. monetary policy and credit risk of new corporate credit lines
Ruth Judson Introductions to TICPUB
Canlin Li International spillovers of monetary and growth news: real yield versus inflation compensation
Melanie Friedrichs Portfolio Choice and Monetary Policy
Will Gamber Entry, Variable Markups, and Business Cycles
Seung Lee The Roget Model: Combining Topical Organization and Ventor Sentiment in Bank Earnings Transcripts
Prasanthi Ramakrishnan Education, Marriage, and Social Security
Colin Weiss and Lucille Conrad Funding Conditions and Asst Prices: Historical Evidence from Three Countries
Logan Lewis Bill of Lading Data in International Trade Research with an Application to the Covid-19 Pandemic
Vrinda Mittal  
Brandon Tan  
Danilo Cascaldi-Garcia Hidden in plain sight: China's contribution to the global business and financial cycle
Julio Ortiz Spread too thin: the impact of lean inventories
Gordon Liao and John Caramichael Stablecoins: Growth Potential and Impact on Banking
Soumitra Shukla Between College and That First Job: Designing and Evaluating Policies for Hiring Diversity"
Ben Knox Asset-Driven Insurance Pricing" (joint with Jakob Ahm Sorensen)
Trang Hoang The Dynamics of Global Sourcing
Aaron Flaaen "The Local Area Incidence of Exporting" (joint with Christoph Boehm, Nitya Pandalai-Nayar, and Jan Schlupp)
Martin Bodenstein The Making of Climate Scenarios
Jesper Linde "Managing Monetary Tradeoffs in Vulnerable Open Economies" (joint with Tobais Adrian, Christopher Erceg, Marcin Kolasa and Pawel Zabcyk)
Paula Beltra (UCLA) "The Macro-financial Effects of International Bank Lending on Emerging Markets" (joint with Inaki Aldasoro, Federico Grinberg, and Tommaso Mancini-Giffoli)
Leslie Shen Dollar Funding Stresses in China
Daniel Beltran and Jason Wu What are GSIBs doing about climate change
Steve Sharpe The Power of Narrative Sentiment in Economic Forecasts (joint with Nitish R. Sinha and Christopher A. Hollrah)
Markus Ibert Expectations of Active Mutual Fund Performance (joint with Magnus Dahlquist and Felix Wilke)
Seung Lee, Hannah Firestone, Sai Ma, and Matthew Deininger Textual Indicators of Financial Stress” (by Seung Lee, Hannah Firestone, Sai Ma, and Matthew Deininger)
Brendan Price The Gender Gap in Summer Work Interruptions
Justin Pierce Innovation, Global Value Chains, and Globalization Measurement—A Workshop
Anya Kleymenova The Life Cycle of a Bank Enforcement Action and Its Impact on Minority Lending (with Byeongchan An, Robert Bushman, and Rimmy E. Tomy
Nuno Paixao “Market Concentration and Uniform Pricing: Evidence from Bank Mergers” (with João Granja)
Alexey Khazanov Nonlinear Dynamic Factor Models for Financial and Macroeconomic Applications
Ashley Sexton “The Vaccine Boost: An Analysis of the Impact of the COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout on Measures of Activity” (joint with Maria Tito)
Teng Wang Is a Friend in Need a Friend Indeed? How Relationship Borrowers Fare during the COVID-19 Crisis” (joint with Allen Berger, Christa Bouwman, Lars Norden, Raluca Roman, and Gregory Udell
Juan-Miguel Londono-Yarce King U.S. Dollar, Global Risks, and Currency Option Premiums” (with Gurdip Bakshi
Dave Benson A Generalized Framework for Unilateral Effects of Conglomerate Mergers
Yacine Ait-Sahalia, Felix Matthys, Emilio Osambela (R&S-CM), and Ronnie Sircar When Uncertainty and Volatility Are Disconnected: Implications for Asset Pricing and Portfolio Performance
You Suk Kim Intermediation with Frictions in Mortgage Debt Relief: Evidence from CARES Act Forebearance (joint with Dounghoon Lee, Tess Scharlemann, and James Vickery)
Will Peterman Macroeconomic Implications of Inequality and Income Risk (joint with Aditya Aladangady, Eitenne Gagnon, and Ben Johannsen)
Craig Chikis Do Low Interest Rates Harm Innovation, Competition, and Productivity Growth? (joint with Jonathan Goldberg and David Lopez-Salido)
Cynthia Doniger What can We Learn from Idiosyncratic Wage Changes?
Benjamin Kay Buyers of First and Last Resort: How Primary Dealers and the Fed Stabilized Treasury Markets during the COVID-19 Crisis (joint with Diana Iercosan)
Jordan Roulleau-Pasdeloup (NUS) The Promises (and Perils) of Control-Contingent Forward Guidance (joint with He Nie)
Giuseppe Fiori The Economic Effects of Firm-Level Uncertainty: Evidence Using Subjective Expectations
Skander Van den Heuvel Monetary Policy and Bank Equity Values in a Time of Low and Negative Interest (joint with Miguel Ampudia)
Callum Jones A Structural Measure of the Shadow Federal Funds Rate (joint with Mariano Kulish and James Morley)
Riccardo Cioffi When Asset Returns Matter for Wealth Inequality
Juan Morelli Information Frictions, Reputation and Sovereign Spreads (joint with Matias Moretti)
Alberto Queralto Monetary Policy and Endogenous Productivity
Yeji Sung Modeling Over-Reaction in Survey Forecast
Cynthia Doniger On the Efficiency of Progressive Social Insurance and a Novel Test for Posted Wages (joint with Desmond Toohey)
Juan Antolin Diaz (LBS) Advances in Nowcasting Economic Activity: Secular Trends, Large Shocks and New Data (joint with Thomas Drechsel and Ivan Petrella)
Garth Baughman Racial Unemployment Gaps and the Disparate Impact of the Inflation Tax (joint with Mohammed Ait Lahcen, Stanislav Rabinovich, and Hugo Van Buggenum)
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