2016 Workshops

Workshops are internal presentations made by Board staff.

Presenter Title of the Paper
Anderson, Alyssa and John Kandrac Monetary Policy and Financial Disintermediation: Evidence from the Overnight Reverse Repo Facility
Ates, Sina, Ufuk Akcigit (U. Penn) and Giammario Impullitti (U. Nottingham) Technology Dynamics, Innovation Policy and the Gains from Globalization
Baughman, Garth Noisy Search for Multiple Products
Baughman, Garth and Francesca Carapella Competitive Search in Money Markets and Implementation of Monetary Policy
Blanco, Julio and Gaston Navarro Equilibrium Default and the Unemployment Accelerator
Bricker, Jesse and Geng Li Trust, Social Capital, and Stock Investment: Evidence from Credit Scores
Caines, Colin Skills, Human Capital Accumulation and Training: A Life-Cycle Approach
Calem, Paul (FRB Philadelphia), Ricardo Correa and Seung Lee Prudential Policies and their Impact on Credit in the United States
Chang, Andrew Measurement Error in Macroeconomic Data and Economics Research: Data Revisions, Gross Domestic Product, and Gross Domestic Income
Chen, Han Regime Changes in the Terms of Trade
Cohen, Gregory, Seung Lee and Viktors Stebunovs Limits of Monetary Policy at the ZLB and Beyond
Converse, Nathan Drivers of Capital Flows to Emerging Markets
Converse, Nathan and Anna Wong US Current Account Discrepancy and China's Hidden Capital Flows
Correa, Ricardo and Juan M. Londono A Sentiment Index for International Financial Stability Reports
Decker, Ryan Changing Business Dynamism: Volatility of Shocks vs. Responsiveness to Shocks?
Dobrev, Dobri and Ernst Schaumburg High-Frequency Cross-Market Trading: Model Free Measurement and Applications
Epstein, Brandon Labor Force Participation in the Advanced Economies
Ferreira, Thiago Teixeira Endogenous Asymmetric Risks and the Credit Channel
Flaaen, Aaron The Role of Transfer Prices in Profit-Shifting by U.S. Multinational Firms
Fujita, Shigeru Access to Jobs and Duration Dependence
Gagnon, Etienne, Benjamin Johannsen and David Lopez-Salido Family Composition, Life Expectancy, and the Equilibrium Real Interest Rate
Hubrich, Kirstin Macroeconomic Implications of Oil Price Fluctuations: A Regime-Switching Framework for the Euro Area
Iyer, Tara Optimal Monetary Policy in an Open Emerging Market Economy
Jacobs, Lindsay Occupational Choice, Retirement, and the Effects of Disability Insurance
Judson, Ruth Foreign Demand for U.S. Treasuries during QE
Kiley, Michael and John Roberts Monetary Policy in a Low Interest Rate World
Kurtzman, Robert Accounting for Productivity Dispersion over the Business Cycle
Kurz, Chris All Shook Up: International Trade and Firm-level Volatility
Laubach, Heinrich The Natural Rate of Interest: International Trends and Determinants
Lee, Seung, Kelly Posenau and Viktors Stebunovs Financial Vulnerabilities and Crises
Libersohn, Jack Housing Demand in the Boom and Bust
Londono, Juan M., Seung Lee and Viktors Stebunovs Contagion in Equity Markets and from Cross-border Bank Claims
Luciani, Matteo Estimating the Cyclical Position of the Economy and Observation Error Using Large Datasets
Macchiavelli, Marco Endogenous Debt Maturity and Rollover Risk
McCallum, Andrew Information Frictions in Product Markets
Monarch, Ryan and Logan Lewis Investigating the causes and effects of the Recent Slowdown in Global Trade
Morais, Bernardo Impact of a Mobile Collateral Registry on Bank Lending: Evidence from an Emerging Market
Morais, Bernardo The Real and Credit Effects of Being Blacklisted: Evidence from a Credit Bureau Reform
Morais, Bernardo, Jose-Luis Peydro (UPF) and Claudia Ruiz (World Bank) The International Bank Lending Channel of Monetary
Nakata, Taisuke and Sebastian Schmidt (ECB) Conservatism and Liquidity Traps
Niepmann, Friederike Banking across Borders with Heterogeneous Banks
Niepmann, Friederike and Ricardo Correa International Banking and Cross-border Effects of Regulation: Lessons from the United States
Passmore, Wayne Making Homeownership More Accessible Using Fixed-COFI Mortgages
Paustian, Matthias Self-Fulfilling Recessions at the ZLB
Perez-Orive, Ander Reallocation of Intangible Capital and Secular Stagnation
Peterman, William Optimal Public Debt with Life Cycle Motives
Pfajfar, Damjan Policy Shocks and Wage Rigidity: Empirical Evidence From Regional Effects of National Shocks
Ratner, David Vacancy Chains
Restrepo, Daniel Wills Corporate Income Tax, Taxes on Shareholders and Financial Frictions
Rodriguez, Marius and Emre Yoldas Market-based Measures of Inflation Expectations
Schmidt-Eisenlohr, Tim International Transfer Pricing and Tax Avoidance
Schneemeier, Jan The Source of Information in Prices and Investment-Price Sensitivity
Shousha, Samer The Real Consequences of Countercyclical Capital Controls
Sim, Jae The Tradeoffs in Leaning Against the Wind
Tanaka, Hiroatsu Equilibrium Yield Curves and the Interest Rate Lower Bound
Tian, Mary Interconnectedness in Global Financial Markets
Tito, Maria Exporting and Frictions in Input Markets: Evidence from Chinese Data
von Beschwitz, Bastian Are Shorts Just Negative Longs? Evidence from Detailed Hedge Fund Portfolio Data
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