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Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System
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Research ResourcesSeminars and Workshops

2014 Seminars

Seminar speakers visit for one day to make a presentation.

Presenter Affiliation Topic
Aguiar, Mark Princeton University Take the Short Rue: How to Repay and Restructure Debt with Multiple Maturities
Akcigit, Ufuk University of Pennsylvania Lack of Selection and Limits to Delegation: Firm Dynamics in Developing Countries
Allen, Treb Northwestern University Trade and the Topography of the Spatial Economy
Bai, Jennie with Arvind Krishnamurthy and Charles-Henri Weymuller Georgetown University Measuring Liquidity Mismatch in the Banking Sector
Black, Sandy University of Texas at Austin Does Grief Transfer Across Generations? Bereavements During Pregnancy and Child Outcomes
Blei, Sharon Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond Asset Commonality and Systemic Risk among Large Banks in the U.S.
Cadena, Brian University of Colorado Boulder Immigrants Equilibrate Local Labor Markets: Evidence from the Great Recession
Campbell, John Harvard University Inattention and Inertia in Household Finance: Evidence from the Danish Mortgage Market
Caporale, Guglielmo Brunel University Fiscal Spillovers in the Euro Area
Chang, Roberto Rutgers University Financial Intermediation, Exchange Rates, and Unconventional Policy in an Open Economy
Chang, Yongsung University of Rochester How Sticky Wages In Existing Jobs Can Affect Hiring?
Chen, Sophia International Monetary Fund Financial Constraints, Intangible Assets, and Firm Dynamics: Theory and Evidence
Chevalier, Judith Yale University Best Prices: Price Discrimination and Consumer Substitution
Chugh, Sanjay Boston College Efficiency and Labor-Market Dynamics in a Model of Labor Selection
Cociuba, Simona University of Western Ontario Collateralized Borrowing and Risk Taking at Low Interest Rates
Collin-Dufresne, Pierre with Fos Vyacheslav Swiss Finance Institute at EPFL Do Prices Reveal The Presence of Informed Trading? Insider Trading, Stochastic Liquidity and Equilibrium Prices
Corbae, Dean University of Wisconsin Capital Requirements in a Quantitative Model of Banking Industry Dynamics
Costinot, Arnaud Massachusetts Institute of Technology How Large are the gains from Economic Integration? Theory and Evidence from U.S. Agriculture: 1880-2002
Del Negro, Marco Federal Reserve Bank of New York Inflation in the Great Recession and New Keynesian Models
Diba, Behzad Georgetown University TBD
Drozd, Lukasz Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania Long-run Price Elasticity of Trade and the Trade-Comovement Puzzle
Ellul, Andrew Kelly School of Business, Indiana University Is Historical Cost Accounting a Panacea? Market Stress, Incentive Distortions, and Gains Trading
Embrechts, Paul ETH Zurich An Academic Response to Basel 3.5
Enders, Zeno Heidelberg University Growth expectations, undue optimism, and short-run fluctuations
Evans, George University of Oregon Liquidity Traps and Expectations Dynamics: Fiscal Stimulus or Fiscal Austerity?
Fernald, John Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco Productivity and Potential Output Before, During, and After the Great Recession
Gabriel, Stuart University of California, Los Angeles Fear and Loathing in the Housing Market:  New Evidence from Search Query Data
Gala, Vito London Business School Measuring Marginal Q
Gan, Li Texas A&M University Income Inequality and an Economy in Transition
Gertler, Mark New York University Monetary Policy Surprises, Credit Cost and Economic Activity
Ghent, Andra Arizona State University Are Young Borrowers Bad Borrowers? Evidence from the Credit CARD Act of 2009
Ghironi, Fabio University of Washington Market Deregulation and Optimal Monetary Policy in a Monetary Union
Giesecke, Kay Stanford University Simulated Likelihood Estimators for Discretely Observed Jump-Diffusions
Gilchrist, Simon Boston University Financial Heterogeneity and Monetary Union
Giovanni, Dell'Ariccia International Monetary Fund Bailouts and Systematic Insurance
Goldstein, Itay Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania Stress Tests and Information Disclosure
Gorton, Gary Yale School of Management Crises and Productivity in Good Booms and in Bad Booms
Hassan, Tarek Booth School of Business, University of Chicago Forward and Spot Exchange Rates in a Multi-Currency World
Heider, Florian European Central Bank A Theory of Bank Liquidity Requirements
Helwege, Jean University of South Carolina, Darla Moore School of Business Modeling Credit Contagion via the Updating of Fragile Beliefs
Hobijn, Bart Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco Downward Nominal Wage Rigidities Bend the Phillips Curve
Houde, Jean-Francois Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania Search frictions and market power in price negotiated markets
House, Chris University of Michigan TBD
Igami, Mitsuru Yale University Offshoring Under Oligopoly
Islamaj, Ergys Vassar College TBD
Jensen, Brad Georgetown University Inter-regional Direct Investment in the U.S.
Jones, Charles Columbia Business School The effects of outages at stock exchanges
Klenow, Pete Stanford University Resurrecting the Role of the Product Market Wedge in Recessions
Kogan, Leonid MIT Sloan School of Management Measuring the "Dark Matter" in Asset Pricing Models
Korinek, Anton Johns Hopkins University Policy Spillovers: Global Cooperation or Currency Wars?
Krueger, Dirk University of Pennsylvania Analyzing the Effects of Insuring Health Risks: On the Tradeoff between Short Run Insurance Benefits vs. Long Run Incentive Costs
Kuttner, Ken Williams College Can non-interest rate policies stabilize housing markets?
Le Bihan, Herve Bank of France TBD
Lopes, Hedibert INSPER Institute of Education and Research Shrinkage Priors for Linear IV with Many Instruments: Estimating The Elasticity of Inter-Temporal Substitution
Lustig, Hanno University of California, Los Angeles Are Stocks Real Assets?
Maggiori, Matteo New York University, Stern School of Business International Liquidity and Exchange Rate Dynamics
Manovskii, Iourii University of Pennsylvania Demand Stimulus and Inflation: Empirical Evidence
Mendoza, Enrique University of Pennsylvania Optimal, Time-Consistent Macroprudential Policy
Menzio, Guido University of Pennsylvania The (Q,S,s) Pricing Rule
Metrick, Andrew Yale School of Management TBD
Moretti, Enrico University of California, Berkeley City Growth and Aggregate Growth
Murry, Charles University of Virginia Advertising in Vertical Relationships: An Equilibrium Model of the Automobile Industry
Nagel, Stefan University of Michigan The Liquidity Premium of Near-Money Assets
Nevo, Aviv Northwestern University Assessment of Horizontal Mergers at the US Department of Justice
Oldenski, Lindsay Georgetown University Diversification, Cost Structure, and the risk Premium of Multinational Corporations
Ordonez, Guillermo University of Pennsylvania Banks as Secret Keepers
Pettenuzzo, Davide Brandeis University TBD
Pollak, Ilya Purdue University Sparsifying Defaults: Optimal Bailout Policies for Financial Networks in Distress
Pozsar, Zoltan U.S. Department of the Treasury Shadow Banking: the Money View
Quadrini, Vincenzo University of Southern California Bank Liabilities Channel
Ranaldo, Angelo University of St. Gallen The Euro Interbank Repo Market
Rosenthal, Jean-Laurent California Institute of Technology The Space of Debt
Ruhl, Kim New York University, Stern School of Business Global Imbalances and Structural Change in the United States
Scharfstein, David Harvard Business School Concentration in Mortgage Lending, Refinancing Activity, and Mortgage Rates
Schmitt-Grohe, Stephanie Columbia University A Model of the Twin Ds: Optimal Default and Devaluation
Schuerhoff, Norman University of Lausanne Dealer Networks
Seru, Amit Booth School of Business, University of Chicago Regional Redistribution through the U.S. Mortgage Market
Shaliastovich, Ivan Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania Good and Bad Uncertainty: Microeconomic and Financial Markets Implications.
Shimer, Robert University of Chicago Decomposing Duration Dependence in the Job Finding Rate in a Stopping Time Model
Shoven, John Stanford University Trying the Impossible - Financing 30 Year Retirements with 40 Year Careers
Tang, Yuehua Singapore Management University Can information be locked-up? Informed trading ahead of macro-news announcements
Turner, Sarah University of Virginia Out of Work and Into School: Labor Market Policies and College Enrollment During the Great Recession/Aid and Encouragement: Does a Letter Increase Enrollment Among UI Recipients?"
Uhlig, Harald University of Chicago Financial Health Economics
van der Klaauw, Wilbert Federal Reserve Bank of New York Creating the Survey of Consumer Expectations
Verdelhan, Adrien MIT Sloan School of Management The Term Structure of Currency Carry trade Risk Premia
Vissing-Jorgensen, Annette University of California, Berkeley Stock Returns Over the FOMC Cycle
Wall, Larry Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta Incentive Compensation, Accounting Discretion and Bank Capital
Williams, Heidi Massachusetts Institute of Technology How Do Patents Affect Follow-On Innovation? Evidence from the Human Genome
Williams, John Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco A Wedge in the Dual Mandate: Monetary Policy and Long-Term Unemployment
Yang, Jie Georgetown University Equity and Debt Financing Constraints
Yared, Pierre Columbia University Optimal Government Debt Maturity
Yi, Kei-Mu Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis How Much of South Korea's Growth Miracle Can Be Explained by Trade Policy?
Zawadowski, Adam Boston University Synthetic or Real? The equilibrium Effects of Credit Default Swaps
Zhang, Mindy University of Texas at Austin Who Bears Firm-Level Risk? Implications for Cash Flow Volatility
Zheng, Lu University of California, Irvine Identifying Skilled Mutual Fund Managers by their Ability to Forecast Earnings
Ziliak, Jim University of Kentucky Identifying the Elasticity of Taxable Income
Zucman, Gabriel London School of Economics Capital is Back: Wealth-Income Ratios in Rich Countries, 1700-2010

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Last update: December 1, 2014