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Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System
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Research ResourcesSeminars and Workshops

2014 Workshops

Workshops are internal presentations made by Board staff.

Presenter Topic
Akinci, Ozge How effective are macroprudential policies in Emerging Market Economies (EMEs)?
Aramonte, Sirio with Mohammad Jahan-Parvar and Justin Shugarman Predictability of market returns and commodity revenues: Evidence from oil exporting countries
Aramonte, Sirio with Seung Lee and Viktors Stebunovs Low Interest Rates and Risk Reallocation in the U.S. Syndicated Loan Market
Aramonte, Sirio with Seung Lee and Viktors Stebunovs Risk taking by domestic and foreign lenders in the U.S. syndicated loan market
Arias, Jonas with Dario Caldara and Juan Rubio-Ramirez What are the Effects of Monetary Policy on Output? Results from an Agnostic but Systematic Identification Procedure
Arseneau, David with David Rappoport and Alexandros Vardoulakis Secondary Market Liquidity and Demand for Save Assets
Ates, Sina (intern) Venture Capital, Firm Dynamics and Economic Growth
Banegas, Ayelen and Ruth Judson Local and Global Determinance of international demand for US bank notes
Basset, Bill Using Insured Deposit Rates to Refine Estimates of the Large Bank Funding Advantage
Berger, Brett What do Rapidly Rising House Prices Tell US? Unfortunately Too Many Things
Berrospide, Jose and Rochelle Edge The effects of regulatory capital shortfalls on bank lending
Bertaut, Carol and Ruth Judson Estimating Cross-Border Securities Positions: New Data and New Methods
Bowman, David Policy Workshop on Libor Reform
Bryan, Camille and Sally Davies New data on US banks' country exposures
Caglio, Cecilia and Joseph LaBriola Exposure of US Broker-dealers to European Sovereign Debt
Chen, Han TBD
Chen, Andrew Habit, Production, and the Cross Section of Stock Returns
Coleman, Nicholas and Karen Selody Developing Risk Weights for Interbank Exposures that do not rely on external ratings
Correa, Ricardo and Tara Rice Liquidity Risk and U.S. Bank Lending at Home and Abroad (with Linda Goldberg)
Covas, Francisco with Emre Yoldas and Egon Zakrajsek Banking Industry Risk and Macroeconomic Implications
Datta, Deepa The Macroeconomic Consequences of Increasing U.S. Oil Production
Dobrev, Dobrislav Robust Forecasting by Regularization with Ernst Schaumburg
Dobridge, Christine (intern) Fiscal Stimulus and Firms: Are Tax Refunds Effective?
Du, Wenxin Currency Basis
Flaaen, Aaron (intern) Input Linkages and the Transmission of Shocks: Firm-Level Evidence from the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake
Gagnon, Etienne and David Lopez-Salido Small Price Responses to Large Demand Shocks
Goldberg, Jonathan Idiosyncratic Investment Risk and Business Cycles
Guerrieri, Luca and Matteo Iacoviello Collateral Constraint and Macroeconomic Asymmetries: Results from Bayesian Estimation
Hancock, Diana and Wayne Passmore Macro-prudential Government-Backed Securitization: Can it work?
Infante, Sebastian Money for Nothing: The Consequences of Repo Rehypothecation
Jahan-Parvar, Mohammad Downside Variance Premium
Kandrac, John and Bernd Schlusche Explaining the abnormal prepayment behavior of Federal Reserve MBS holdings
Lee, Seung and Lucy Liu and Viktors Stebunovs Risk Taking and Interest Rates: Evidence from decades in the Global Syndicated Loan Markets
Li, Dan Corporate bonds issuance and amounts standing
Li, Dan and Geng Li Are Household Investors Noise Traders? Evidence from Belief Dispersion and Stock Trading Volume
Lin, Stephen External adjustment in the euro-area periphery: an empirical analysis
Londono, Juan-Miguel and Mary Tian Equity Risk
Meisenzahl, Ralf Loan Sales and Bank Liquidity Risk Management: Evidence from the Shared National Credit Program
Melick, Will U.S. Energy Boom Effect on U.S. Manufacturing
Modugno, Michele Unspanned Macro Factors in the Yield Curve
Nakata, Taisuke Fiscal Multipliers at the Zero Lower Bound: The Role of Policy Inertia
Nelson, Bill LOLR actions by the Federal Reserve during the Financial Crisis
Nozawa, Yoshio What Drives the Cross-Section of Credit Spreads?: A Variance Decomposition Approach
Nunes, Ricardo and Jesper Linde Designing a Simple Loss Function for the Fed: Does the Dual Mandate Make Sense?
Parro, Fernando The Impact of Regional and Sectoral Productivity Changes on the U.S. Economy
Petrasek, Lubomir Hedge Fund Holdings and Stock Market Efficiency
Rappoport, David Do Mortgage Subsidies Help or Hurt Borrowers?
Rappoport, David A Dynamic Model of Leverage and Interest Rates
Rua, Gisela Inflation Expectations and Recovery from the Depression in 1933: Evidence from the Narrative Record
Saracgil, Ihsan (intern) Real Effects of Bank Capital Structure
Schreger, Jesse (intern) Sovereign Risk, Currency, Risk and Corporate Balance Sheet (joint with Wenxin Du)
Senyuz, Zeynep Nonlinearity and Time-varying Dependence in Money Markets
Siemer, Michael with Francois Gourio and Adrien Verdelhan Uncertainty Betas and International Capital Flows
Stebunovs, Viktors What do the European Banking Authority data tell us about major euro-area banks' differences in exposures and reasons for potential capital shortfalls?
Stefanescu, Catalin (intern) Collective Action Clauses in International Sovereign Bonds
Trabandt, Mathias Understanding the Great Recession
Van den Heuvel, Skander The Welfare Cost of Bank Liquidity Requirements
Vazquez-Grande, Francisco and Edward Atkinson Liftoff Expectations and Term-Premia
Vigfusson, Rob Revisiting Long-Run VARs
Vine, Dan with Kathleen Johnson and Karen Pence Auto Sales and Credit Supply

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Last update: December 15, 2014