To enhance public transparency and heighten accountability, the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System (Board) publishes periodic information about banking conditions and the Federal Reserve's supervisory and regulatory activities, typically in conjunction with testimony before Congress by the Vice Chair for Supervision.

The inaugural report, published in November of 2018, reviewed trends going back to the financial crisis. This report focuses on trends since the beginning of 2014.

The report consists of three main sections, in addition to a summary of key developments and trends:

  • Banking System Conditions provides an overview of trends in the banking sector based on data collected by the Federal Reserve and other federal financial regulatory agencies, as well as market indicators of industry conditions.
  • Regulatory Developments provides an overview of the current areas of focus of the Federal Reserve's regulatory policy work, including pending rules.
  • Supervisory Developments provides background information on supervisory programs and approaches, as well as an overview of key supervisory themes and trends, findings, and priorities. The report distinguishes between large financial institutions and regional and community banking organizations, as supervisory approaches and priorities for these institutions frequently differ.
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Last Update: December 03, 2019