Figure 1. Funds disbursed through prepaid cards in 2019, by program type

Billions of dollars

Program type Funding
SNAP 54.9
Social Security 36.2
Unemployment 19.0
Child support 13.6
Cash assistance 7.7
Other 2.0
WIC 1.4
Veterans 1.0
Payroll 0.4
Tax refund 0.1

Note: Cash assistance includes Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program, childcare, refugee assistance, and general assistance programs.

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Figure 2. Cardholder fees: revenue and average fee charged in 2019, by type of fee
Type of Fee Average fee (dollars) Revenues (millions of dollars)
Overdraft $0.29 $0.01M
Routine Monthly $1.14 $1.50M
OTC $2.19 $1.45M
Purchase transaction $0.45 $5.9M
Penalty $0.37 $0.80M
Customer service inquiry $0.40 $12.36M
Account servicing $3.01 $33.3M
ATM $1.20 $97.37M

Note: Size of bubble represents total revenue from fee. Position of black dot on vertical-axis represents average fee when charged.

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Last Update: October 09, 2020