Payments, Settlement and Clearing Activities and Utilities

Attachment Date Type
CLS Bank International (CLS) (PDF) 11/08/2022 Meeting
Independent Community Bankers of America (ICBA) (PDF) 5/11/2022 Meeting
Tennessee Bankers Association (PDF) 5/10/2022 Meeting
The Clearing House Payments Company (TCH) (PDF) 5/04/2022 Meeting
National Association of Federally-Insured Credit Unions (NAFCU) (PDF) 4/25/2022 Meeting
Community Bankers Association of Illinois (PDF) 3/10/2022 Meeting
Consumer Advocacy Groups (PDF) 11/18/2021 Meeting
Bank Policy Institute (PDF) 10/15/2021 Meeting
Representatives of the Bank Policy Institute (PDF) 6/1/2021 Meeting
Independent Community Bankers of America (ICBA) (PDF) 5/24/2021 Meeting
Representatives of Avanti Bank (PDF) 5/5/2021 Meeting
Community Depository Institutions Advisory Council (PDF) 11/08/2019 Meeting
Representatives of the Louisiana Bankers Association (PDF) 07/11/2019 Meeting
American Bankers Association Payments Committee (PDF) 01/05/2017 Meeting
Credit Suisse (PDF) 03/09/2016 Meeting
Clearing House Payments Company (PDF) 09/03/2013 Meeting
National Association of Federal Credit Unions (PDF) 12/03/2012 Meeting
JP MorganChase (JPMC) (PDF) 05/23/2012 Meeting
The Clearing House Association, L.L.C. (TCH) (PDF) 05/15/2012 Meeting
LCH.Clearnet (PDF) 09/29/2011 Meeting
CME Meeting (PDF) 06/21/2011 Meeting
ICE Trust Meeting (PDF) 06/21/2011 Meeting
OCC Meeting (PDF) 06/21/2011 Meeting
CLS Meeting (PDF) 06/15/2011 Meeting
CHIPS Meeting (PDF) 06/15/2011 Meeting
The Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation ("DTCC") (PDF) 06/10/2011 Meeting
LCH.Clearnet Meeting (PDF) 04/14/2011 Meeting
CME Meeting (PDF) 04/08/2011 Meeting
OCC Meeting (PDF) 04/07/2011 Meeting
The Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC) (PDF) 03/28/2011 Meeting
Options Clearing Corporation Meeting (PDF) 03/22/2011 Meeting
CME Clearing House Meeting (PDF) 02/08/2011 Meeting
CME Group Meeting (PDF) 01/12/2011 Meeting
The Options Clearing Corporation Meeting (PDF) 12/16/2010 Meeting
OCC Meeting (PDF) 10/27/2010 Meeting
Goldman Sachs Meeting (PDF) 10/14/2010 Meeting
The Clearing House Meeting (PDF) 09/28/2010 Meeting
LCH Clearnet Summary (PDF) 09/17/2010 Communication
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