By joining the WebEx or clicking "I agree" to the following release ("Release"), I acknowledge and agree to the following:

The Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System ("Board") is allowing me to participate in the event scheduled to occur virtually ("Event"). I understand that the Board, in connection with the above-named Event, may create audio, video, and still image recordings of my image, likeness, voice, activities, and oral or physical or graphical communications (all or any portion thereof, "Recordings of Me"), and may make use of the Recordings of Me as more fully described below. In connection with the Board's use of the Recordings of Me, the Board also may use my name and biographical information ("My Info"), and may use any slides, presentations, papers, displays, or other copyrighted or copyrightable works ("My Materials") that I may provide, use, or contribute in connection with my participation at the Event. The Recordings of Me, My Info, and My Materials will collectively be referred to in this Release as "My Participation."

In consideration of the foregoing, I hereby grant and release to the Board a non-exclusive license in perpetuity to create the Recordings of Me; to edit My Participation in the Board's discretion; to create derivative works from My Participation and to display, exhibit, duplicate, perform, distribute, and otherwise use the foregoing (all or any portion thereof), in any format now known or subsequently developed, for the Board's public, non-commercial, educational, research, and archival purposes. This includes but is not limited to making My Participation available to any person, in a format that can be viewed, duplicated, or downloaded without restriction by any person. This further includes but is not limited to posting My Participation on the Board's internal and public website, or social media sites (such as Facebook or Flickr), or other similar public display platforms where they can be viewed, downloaded, duplicated, or otherwise used by any person. I acknowledge that the Board has no control over subsequent uses that any person may make of My Participation once posted to the Board's public website or otherwise released to the public. The Board has the right but not the obligation to use My Participation pursuant to this Release, and may exercise its rights under this Release directly or through one or more agents, contractors, subcontractors, assignees, or licensees. I waive any rights I may have to inspect or approve the Board's use of My Participation, or to inspect or approve any editorial content that the Board may use in connection with the use of My Participation. I release and discharge the Board from any and all claims arising out of the use of My Participation, including but not limited to any claims for libel, infringement of rights of publicity, or for invasion of privacy or moral rights. I represent and warrant that the Board's exercise of the rights granted pursuant to this Release will not violate or infringe on the intellectual, personal, or property rights of any person, and that I have all the necessary authority to grant the rights granted to the Board pursuant to this Release. This Release constitutes the entire agreement between the Board and me with respect to My Participation and supersedes all prior and contemporaneous written or oral agreements or negotiations with respect to My Participation. The terms of this Release can be modified only by a writing duly executed by me and by an authorized representative of the Board. I have read this Release and fully understand its contents. I am over the age of 18 and have legal capacity to agree to and comply with the terms of this Release.

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Last Update: November 16, 2021