Series analyzer for FA794123005.A

Domestic financial sectors; loans; liability

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= + FA704123005 + FA664123005 + FA614123005 + FA644123005 + FA504123005 + FA403169283 + FA543169373 + FA513169333

Shown on: F.108 Line 46, F.214 Line 17, Flows_matrix Line 29:12
Derived from:
FOF CodeDescription
+ FA704123005.APrivate depository institutions; loans; liability
+ FA664123005.ASecurity brokers and dealers; loans; liability
+ FA614123005.AFinance companies; loans; liability
+ FA644123005.AReal estate investment trusts; loans; liability
+ FA504123005.AOther financial business; loans; liability
+ FA403169283.AGovernment-sponsored enterprises; U.S. government loans to Sallie Mae; liability
+ FA543169373.ALife insurance companies, general accounts; FHLB advances; liability
+ FA513169333.AProperty-casualty insurance companies; FHLB advances; liability

Used in:
FOF CodeDescription
+ FA794104005.ADomestic financial sectors; debt securities and loans; liability