Series analyzer for FL173199005.A

Personal sector; other liabilities

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= + FL163162003 + FL153168005 + FL163170005 + FL543077073 + FL113170005 + FL113168005 + FL113193003 + FL113178003 + FL115114005

Shown on: L.6 Line 26
Derived from:
FOF CodeDescription
+ FL163162003.ANonprofit organizations; municipal securities; liability
+ FL153168005.AHouseholds and nonprofit organizations; depository institution loans n.e.c.; liability
+ FL163170005.ANonprofit organizations; trade payables; liability
+ FL543077073.ALife insurance companies, general accounts; deferred and unpaid life insurance premiums; asset
+ FL113170005.ANonfinancial noncorporate business; trade payables; liability
+ FL113168005.ANonfinancial noncorporate business; depository institution loans n.e.c.; liability
+ FL113193003.ANonfinancial noncorporate business; unidentified miscellaneous liabilities
+ FL113178003.ANonfinancial noncorporate business; taxes payable; liability
+ FL115114005.ANonfinancial noncorporate business; foreign direct investment in U.S. real estate business (market value); liability

Used in:
FOF CodeDescription
+ FU173199005.APersonal sector; other liabilities
+ FR173199005.APersonal sector; other liabilities
+ FV173199005.APersonal sector; other liabilities