Series analyzer for FL213065005.Q

State and local governments; total mortgages; asset

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= + FL213065103 + FL213065403 + FL213065503 + FL213065603

Shown on: L.107 Line 12, L.214 Line 34, L.217 Line 21, Levels_matrix Line 19:7, Levels_matrix Line 22:7, 720_matrix Line 14:19, S.8.Q Line 87
Derived from:
FOF CodeDescription
+ FL213065103.QState and local governments; one-to-four-family residential mortgages; asset
+ FL213065403.QState and local governments; multifamily residential mortgages; asset
+ FL213065503.QState and local governments; commercial mortgages; asset
+ FL213065603.QState and local governments; farm mortgages; asset

Used in:
FOF CodeDescription
+ FL214090005.QState and local governments; total financial assets
+ FL214004005.QState and local governments; debt securities and loans; asset
+ FL363065005.QGeneral government; total mortgages; asset
+ FL384023005.QDomestic nonfinancial sectors; loans; asset
+ FL214035005.QState and local governments; total loans including security repurchase agreements; asset
+ FL383065005.QDomestic nonfinancial sectors; total mortgages; asset
+ FL364023005.QGeneral government; loans; asset