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Rest of the world; U.S. direct investment abroad, including Netherlands Antillean Financial subsidiaries; liability (current cost)

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= + FL263192001 + FL263063103

Shown on: L.133 Line 32, L.230 Line 1, Levels_matrix Line 31:14, Levels_matrix Line 31:15, Levels_matrix Line 31:16, S.9.Q Line 133
Derived from:
FOF CodeDescription
+ FL263192001.ARest of the world; U.S. direct investment abroad; liability (current cost)
+ FL263063103.ARest of the world; corporate bonds issued by Netherlands Antillean Financial subsidiaries of U.S. corporations; asset

Used in:
FOF CodeDescription
+ FL264190005.ARest of the world; total liabilities
+ FL103092005.ANonfinancial corporate business; U.S. direct investment abroad; asset
+ FL263181105.ARest of the world; equity and investment fund shares excluding mutual fund shares and money market fund shares; liability (Integrated Macroeconomic Accounts)
+ FL263181115.ARest of the world; other equity; liability (Integrated Macroeconomic Accounts)