Series analyzer for FL313195105.A

Federal government; retiree health care funds; liability

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= + FL313195100 + FL313195113

Shown on: L.233 Line 35, L.233 Line 36, 710_matrix Line 40:17, 720_matrix Line 28:1, 720_matrix Line 28:20, 720_matrix Line 58:1, 720_matrix Line 58:17, 720_matrix Line 58:18, S.3.Q Line 121, S.7.Q Line 133
Derived from:
FOF CodeDescription
+ FL313195100.AFederal government; Uniform Services Retiree Health Care Fund; liability
+ FL313195113.AFederal government; Postal Service Retiree Health Benefits Fund; liability

Used in:
FOF CodeDescription
+ FL313190015.AFederal government; miscellaneous liabilities, excluding claims of pension funds
+ FL883052025.AAll domestic sectors; retirement entitlements; asset (Integrated Macroeconomic Accounts)
+ FL313152005.AFederal government; insurance, pension and standardized guarantee schemes; liability (Integrated Macroeconomic Accounts)
+ FL883155005.AAll domestic sectors; prepayment of insurance premiums and reserves for outstanding claims; liability (Integrated Macroeconomic Accounts)
+ FL153052025.AHouseholds and nonprofit organizations; retirement entitlements; asset (Integrated Macroeconomic Accounts)
+ FL153052035.AHouseholds and nonprofit organizations; prepayments of premiums and reserves against claims; asset (Integrated Macroeconomic Accounts)
+ FL363152025.AGeneral government; retirement entitlements; liability (Integrated Macroeconomic Accounts)
+ FL313152025.AFederal government; retirement entitlements; liability
+ FL153090005.AHouseholds and nonprofit organizations; total miscellaneous assets