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Holding companies; commercial paper; liability

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Data Source

Beginning 1986:Q2, level from FR Board FR Y-9LP report, schedule PC, Borrowings with a remaining maturity of one year or less, Commercial paper (BHCP2309); plus, beginning 1990:Q4, from FR Board FR Y-9SP report, schedule SC, Short-term borrowings, commercial paper (BHSP2309); plus, beginning 2012:Q1, from FR Board FR 2320 report (Column A), Parent Only, Other Debt Maturing in 12 Months or Less (SLHPC078). Prior to 1986:Q2, level from FR Board FR 2416 report, Memorandum item, Commercial paper outstanding issued by related institutions of the reporting bank, sum of Issued through commercial paper brokers and dealers (WRBK2421) and Issued directly (WRBK2423). Transactions are calculated as the change in level. Data for the most recent ten years show no significant seasonality.

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Derived from:
FOF CodeDescription
+ FL733169103.AHolding companies; commercial paper; liability
+ FU733169103.AHolding companies; commercial paper; liability
+ FR733169103.AHolding companies; commercial paper; liability
+ FV733169103.AHolding companies; commercial paper; liability

Used in:
FOF CodeDescription
- FL733193005.AHolding companies; unidentified miscellaneous liabilities
+ FL773169105.ACaptive financial institutions and money lenders; commercial paper; liability
+ FL734122005.AHolding companies; debt securities; liability
- FL503169105.AOther financial business; commercial paper; liability
+ FL734190005.AHolding companies; total liabilities