Series analyzer for FL794190005.A

Domestic financial sectors; total liabilities

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= + FL794100005 + FL543140005 + FL583150005 + FL794104005 + FL653164205 + FL793178005 + FL793190005 + FL713068705 + FL793170005 + FL792150005 + FL634090005 - FL403197033 - FL673090543 + FL793192305

Shown on: L.108 Line 30, Levels_matrix Line 3:12
Derived from:
FOF CodeDescription
+ FL794100005.ADomestic financial sectors; total currency and deposits excluding Federal Reserve loans to domestic banks; liability
+ FL543140005.ALife insurance companies; life insurance reserves; liability
+ FL583150005.AInsurance companies and pension funds; pension entitlements; liability
+ FL794104005.ADomestic financial sectors; debt securities and loans; liability
+ FL653164205.AMutual funds; mutual fund shares; liability
+ FL793178005.ADomestic financial sectors; taxes payable (net); liability
+ FL793190005.ADomestic financial sectors; total miscellaneous liabilities
+ FL713068705.AMonetary authority; loans to depository institutions, including AMLF, MMLF, and PPPLF; asset
+ FL793170005.ADomestic financial sectors; trade payables; liability
+ FL792150005.ADomestic financial sectors; federal funds and security repurchase agreements; liability
+ FL634090005.AMoney market funds; total financial assets
- FL403197033.AGovernment-sponsored enterprises; U.S.-chartered depository institutions deposits at Federal Home Loan Banks; liability
- FL673090543.AIssuers of asset-backed securities; funding agreements backing securities; asset
+ FL793192305.ADomestic financial sectors; foreign direct investment in U.S.: intercompany debt; liability (market value)

Used in:
FOF CodeDescription
+ FL792010405.ADomestic financial sectors; market value estimate of nonfinancial assets
- FL792090005.ADomestic financial sectors; net worth
+ FL794194005.ADomestic financial sectors; total liabilities and equity