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Nonfinancial corporate business; mutual fund shares; asset

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Year-end level from ICI Investment Company Factbook, Table 61 Mutual Funds: Total Net Assets of Institutional Investors by Type of Institution and Type of Fund, column Business corporations, line Total less Money market funds . Annual capital gains are calculated as the level multiplied by the ratio of capital gains to the level of total assets for all mutual funds (FOF series FR654090000/FL654090000). Annual unadjusted transactions are calculated as the change in the level less the capital gains and is converted to quarterly by dividing by four. Quarterly levels are calculated as the previous level, plus quarterly capital gains calculated using the same ratio as above, plus the quarterly unadjusted transactions. Data for the most recent ten years show no significant seasonality.

Last edited on: 09/19/2019
Derived from:
FOF CodeDescription
+ FA103064203.ANonfinancial corporate business; mutual fund shares; asset
- FS103064203.ANonfinancial corporate business; mutual fund shares; asset

Used in:
FOF CodeDescription
+ FU103081005.ANonfinancial corporate business; equity and investment fund shares; asset
- FU103093005.ANonfinancial corporate business; unidentified miscellaneous assets
+ FU383064205.ADomestic nonfinancial sectors; mutual fund shares; asset
+ FU108080095.ANonfinancial corporate business; financial assets with revaluations with corporate farms (Integrated Macroeconomic Accounts)
+ FU143081205.ANonfinancial business; mutual fund and money market fund shares; asset
+ FU104001005.ANonfinancial corporate business; liquid assets (broad measure)
+ FU104090005.ANonfinancial corporate business; total financial assets
+ FU883064205.AAll domestic sectors; mutual fund shares; asset
+ FU108000005.ANonfinancial corporate business; assets less liabilities with revaluations
- FU153064205.AHouseholds and nonprofit organizations; mutual fund shares; asset
+ FU384090005.ADomestic nonfinancial sectors; total financial assets