Series analyzer for FU313161105.Q

Federal government; Treasury securities; liability

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= + FU313161100 + FU403061193 + FU313161283 + FU343061145

Derived from:
FOF CodeDescription
+ FU313161100.QFederal government; Treasury securities held by the public; liability
+ FU403061193.QGovernment-sponsored enterprises; special U.S. Treasury securities held by FHLB; asset
+ FU313161283.QFederal government; long-term marketable Treasury securities issued to the Civil Service Retirement Fund through the Federal Financing Bank; liability
+ FU343061145.QFederal government defined benefit retirement funds; nonmarketable Treasury securities; asset

Used in:
FOF CodeDescription
+ FU153061105.QHouseholds and nonprofit organizations; Treasury securities; asset
+ FU313161205.QFederal government; marketable Treasury securities; liability
+ FU314122005.QFederal government; debt securities; liability
+ FU894122005.QAll sectors; total debt securities; liability