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Mutual funds; corporate equities; asset

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Level from ICI by subscription, Quarterly Long-Term Mutual Fund Asset Composition report, calculated as common stock plus preferred stock plus rights and warrants. Series includes variable annuity long term mutual funds. Unadjusted transactions are calculated as the sum of, from unpublished ICI detail on Net Portfolio Purchases, column Preferred Stock summed for the three months of the quarter; and, from ICI Monthly Trends in Mutual Fund Activity Report, table 7A, Total Common Stock Portfolio Activity of Long-Term Mutual Funds Classified by Investment Objective, column Net Purchases, Totals for Long-Term Funds, summed for the three months of the quarter. Level for the most recent quarter estimated as previous level plus an estimate for capital gains (a weighted average index of Dow Jones total stock market index FL073164013 and Morgan Stanley World ex U.S. Stock Index, where the weights are determined by ICI domestic equity fund assets and world equity fund asset as a share of total equity fund assets) plus the recent quarter unadjusted transactions. Seasonally adjusted transactions are obtained using X-13-ARIMA procedure.

Last edited on: 03/04/2019
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Derived from:
FOF CodeDescription
+ FA653064100.QMutual funds; corporate equities; asset
- FS653064100.QMutual funds; corporate equities; asset

Used in:
FOF CodeDescription
+ FU813064105.QOther financial corporations; corporate equities; asset
- FU153064105.QHouseholds and nonprofit organizations; corporate equities; asset
+ FU793064005.QDomestic financial sectors; corporate equities and mutual fund shares; asset
+ FU653064155.QMutual funds; corporate equities indirectly held by households; asset
+ FU793064115.QDomestic financial sectors; corporate equities, quoted shares (Integrated Macroeconomic Accounts); asset
- FU653093005.QMutual funds; unidentified miscellaneous assets
+ FU693064105.QNon-MMF investment funds; corporate equities; asset
+ FU793064105.QDomestic financial sectors; corporate equities; asset
+ FU483064105.QMutual funds and exchange-traded funds; corporate equities; asset