Evaluation Methods

The CRA regulations provide five evaluation methods. Three are based on a bank's size, one is based on a bank's business strategy, and one is an option that any bank can take advantage of, regardless of size or business strategy.

  • Small Bank (size)
  • Intermediate Small Bank (size)
  • Large Bank (size)
  • Community Development Test for Wholesale and Limited Purpose Banks (business strategy)
  • Strategic Plans (open to any bank)

Evaluation Methods by Bank Size

The table below shows the three types of size-based evaluation methods and their respective asset thresholds and evaluation components.

Evaluation method Bank asset threshold** Evaluation components required
Large bank $1.252 billion or greater Lending test
Investment test
Service test
Intermediate small bank At least $330 million but less than $1.322 billion Lending test
Community development test
Small bank Less than $1.322 billion Streamlined lending test

**For more information about the Community Reinvestment Act Asset-Size Threshold changes and how to apply asset thresholds, please refer to the FFIEC website.

Alternative Evaluation Methods

With approval from its regulator, a bank may opt to be evaluated based on one of the following alternative methods:

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Last Update: March 23, 2021