Evaluation Methods

Note: The information and resources provided below are not inclusive of any updates outlined in the CRA Final Rule issued on October 24, 2023. For more information on the final rule and compliance dates, please see CRA Final Rule.

The CRA regulations provide five evaluation methods. Three are based on a bank's size, one is based on a bank's business strategy, and one is an option that any bank can take advantage of, regardless of size or business strategy.

  • Small Bank (size)
  • Intermediate Small Bank (size)
  • Large Bank (size)
  • Community Development Test for Wholesale and Limited Purpose Banks (business strategy)
  • Strategic Plans (open to any bank)

Evaluation Methods by Bank Size

The table below shows the three types of size-based evaluation methods and their respective asset thresholds and evaluation components.

Evaluation method Bank asset threshold** Evaluation components required
Large bank $1.252 billion or greater Lending test
Investment test
Service test
Intermediate small bank At least $330 million but less than $1.322 billion Lending test
Community development test
Small bank Less than $1.322 billion Streamlined lending test

**For more information about the Community Reinvestment Act Asset-Size Threshold changes and how to apply asset thresholds, please refer to the FFIEC website.

Alternative Evaluation Methods

With approval from its regulator, a bank may opt to be evaluated based on one of the following alternative methods:

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Last Update: March 23, 2021