IFDP 1976-98
Price Determination in the Multi-Country Model

Howard Howe

IFDP 1976-93
Modeling the International Influences on the U.S. Economy: A Multi-Country Approach

Richard Berner, Peter Clark, Howard Howe, Sung Kwack, and Guy Stevens

IFDP 1976-87
Transaction Costs and Interest Arbitrage: Tranquil Versus Turbulent Periods

Jacob A. Frenkel and Richard M. Levich

IFDP 1976-86
Theory and Implications of Currency Substitution

Lance Girton and Don Roper

IFDP 1976-85
Linking to the MPS Price Sector to International Price Disturbances

Stephen S. Thurman and Sung Y. Kwack

IFDP 1976-81
Market Anticipations, Government Policy, and the Price of Gold

Stephen W. Salant and Dale W. Henderson

IFDP 1976-79
Note on Key Currency Intervention Systems

Michael P. Dooley

IFDP 1976-77
Rules for Intervention Without Fixed Parities

Michael P. Dooley and Jeffrey R. Shafer

IFDP 1976-76
Analysis of Short-Run Exchange Rate Behavior March, 1973 to September, 1975

Michael P. Dooley and Jeffrey R. Shafer

IFDP 1976-75
Hirshleifer on Speculation

Stephen W. Salant

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