The Capital Assessments and Stress Testing information collection (FR Y-14) consists of the FR Y-14A, Q, and M reports. The FR Y-14A report collects detailed data on bank holding companies’ (BHCs), savings and loan holding companies’ (SLHCs), and intermediate holding companies’ (IHCs) quantitative projections of balance sheet assets and liabilities, income, losses, and capital across a range of macroeconomic scenarios and qualitative information on methodologies used to develop internal projections of capital across scenarios. The FR Y-14Q collects detailed data on BHCs', IHCs', and SLHCs’ various asset classes, capital components, and categories of pre-provision net revenue (PPNR). The FR Y-14M report collects monthly detailed data on BHCs’, IHCs’, and SLHCs’ loan portfolios. The report is comprised of three loan- and portfolio-level collections, and one detailed address matching collection. The data are used to assess the capital adequacy of large firms using forward-looking projections of revenue and losses, to support supervisory stress test models, and continuous monitoring efforts as well as to inform the Federal Reserve's operational decisionmaking as it continues to implement the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010.

In response to questions regarding the FR Y-14 information collection, Federal Reserve staff provide answers to firms on an ongoing basis to assist with the correct interpretation of reporting requirements and submission of the report data. These questions and answers are released to provide transparency around, and support knowledge of the FR Y-14 reporting requirements.

Capital Assessments and Stress Testing Information Collection Q&As

The questions and answers

  • Include generally applicable questions asked by FR Y-14 filing BHCs, IHCs, and SLHCs. Not every question is applicable to every BHC, IHC or SLHC, and responses do not pertain to other regulatory reports or rules, nor to BHCs, IHCs, or SLHCs that do not file the FR Y-14 reports.
  • Apply to requirements and materials available at that time. The Federal Reserve's responses are based on information available at the time of the submission of the question. A response date is provided to frame the response in the context of current regulatory requirements and associated forms and instructions. Responses provided may be superseded by subsequent guidance and/or regulatory changes. Links provided within the document may no longer be available.
  • Cover questions submitted on or after August 1, 2017. Historical questions will be made available as applicable when referenced by current questions. The report does not include questions for which confidential treatment was granted.

For further information on the FR Y-14 information collection, see the Federal Reserve's report forms page:

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Last Update: July 10, 2023