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Actions taken during the week ending May 11, 2024

Change in Bank Control

Peoples Financial Corporation, Biloxi, Mississippi -- Stilwell Activist Investments, L.P., Stilwell Activist Fund, L.P., and Stilwell Value Partners VII, L.P., together known as The Stilwell Group; Stilwell Value LLC, the general partner of each of the limited partnerships, all of New York, New York; and Joseph D. Stilwell, San Juan, Puerto Rico, as managing member of Stilwell Value LLC, as a group acting in concert, to acquire voting shares of Peoples Financial Corporation, and thereby indirectly acquire voting shares of The Peoples Bank, Biloxi, Mississippi, Biloxi, Mississippi.
Permitted: May 8, 2024

Reserve Bank Operations

Reserve Bank Ethics Rules -- enforcement policy.*
Approved: March 25, 2024

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Last Update: May 16, 2024