Banking organizations are generally required to seek prior Federal Reserve approval to become a bank holding company, to acquire ownership in a bank holding company, or to engage in new activities. The Federal Reserve also reviews filings by individuals and companies that seek to acquire ownership in a bank holding company or state member bank under the Change in Bank Control Act. Merger applications and membership applications are reviewed by the Federal Reserve when the resulting institution would be a state member bank.

For bank holding company applications, the Federal Reserve is required to take into account the likely effects of the acquisition on competition, the convenience and needs of the communities to be served, the financial and managerial resources and future prospects of the companies and banks involved, and the effectiveness of the company’s policies to combat money laundering. In additional, a bank holding company seeking financial holding company status must file a written declaration with the Federal Reserve System, certifying that the company meets the capital, managerial, and other requirements to be a financial holding company.

Policy Letters


Supervisory Nonobjection Process for State Member Banks Seeking to Engage in Certain Activities Involving Dollar Tokens

FedEZFile™ and FedEZFile Fluent™ to be Released for Filing Applications with the Federal Reserve

Updated Fingerprinting Process Related to Applications Reviewed by the Federal Reserve

Supervision of De Novo State Member Banks

Final Rule Revising the Board's Delegation Rules for Certain Types of Applications, Notices, and Requests

Statement on the Implications of the New Lease Accounting Standard on Regulation H

Procedures for a Banking Entity to Request an Extension of the One-Year Seeding Period for a Covered Fund

Supervisory Concerns Related to Shareholder Protection Arrangements

Examinations of Insured Depository Institutions Prior to Membership or Merger into a State Member Bank

Name Check Process for Domestic and International Applications

Enhancing Transparency in the Federal Reserve's Applications Process

State Member Bank Branching Considerations

Interagency Statement on Restrictions on Conversions of Troubled Banks

Implementation of a New Process for Requesting Guidance from the Federal Reserve Regarding Bank and Nonbank Acquisitions and Other Proposals

Guidance Regarding Prior Notices with Respect to Dividend Declarations by Savings Association Subsidiaries of Savings and Loan Holding Companies

Deregistration Procedures for Certain Savings and Loan Holding Companies

De Novo Interstate Branching by State Member Banks

Interagency Supervisory Guidance on Bargain Purchases and FDIC- and NCUA-Assisted Acquisitions

Processing of De Novo Bank Membership Applications

Guidance on Change in Bank Control Procedures

Application Filing Information Web Page

Guidance Regarding Restrictions on Institutions in Troubled Condition

Adoption of Regulation W Implementing Sections 23A and 23B of the Federal Reserve Act

Guidance Regarding Indemnification Agreements and Payments

Implementation of Section 327 of the USA Patriot Act in the Applications Process

Guidance Regarding Significant Changes in the General Character of a State Member Bank’s Business and Compliance with Regulation H

Revisions to Procedures for Processing Applications and Prior Notifications under Regulation K Resulting From Recent Revisions to Regulation K

Interagency Policy Statement on Branch Names

Guidance on Protested Proposals

Streamlined Section 4 Procedures for Well-Capitalized and Well-Managed Banking Organizations

Streamlined Section 3 Procedures for Well-Capitalized and Well-Managed Banking Organizations

Joint Venture Proposals Pursuant to Regulation Y: Guidance Regarding Issues, and Criteria for Delegation

Subchapter S Election for Federal Income Taxes

Additional Resources

Manual References

  • Bank Holding Company Supervision Manual
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    • Section 2090.05, "Qualified Family Partnerships"
    • Section 2090.1, "Control and Ownership (Change in Control)"
    • Section 2090.2, "BHC Formations"
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Last Update: December 15, 2023