Series analyzer for FA514190005.Q

Property-casualty insurance companies; total liabilities

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= + FA513190005 + FA513178005 + FA512151003 + FA513192305 + FA513169333 + FA513170005

Shown on: F.115 Line 25
Derived from:
FOF CodeDescription
+ FA513190005.QProperty-casualty insurance companies; total miscellaneous liabilities
+ FA513178005.QProperty-casualty insurance companies; total taxes payable; liability
+ FA512151003.QProperty-casualty insurance companies; security repurchase agreements; liability
+ FA513192305.QProperty-casualty insurance companies; foreign direct investment in U.S.: intercompany debt; liability (market value)
+ FA513169333.QProperty-casualty insurance companies; FHLB advances; liability
+ FA513170005.QProperty-casualty insurance companies; trade payables to reinsurers; liability

Used in:
FOF CodeDescription
+ FA514194005.QProperty-casualty insurance companies; total liabilities and equity
+ FA894190005.QAll sectors; total liabilities
+ FA584190005.QInsurance companies and pension funds; total liabilities
+ FA524190005.QInsurance companies; total liabilities