Actions taken by the Board of Governors and its staff under delegated authority

Community Financial Services Bank, Benton, Kentucky -- issuance of a consent order of prohibition against Carolyn E. Flynn, a former institution-affiliated party.
- Announced, January 7, 2021
Mid America Bank and Trust Company, Dixon, Missouri -- consent order dated October 25, 2017, terminated January 4, 2021.
- Announced, January 5, 2021
Extensions Of Time
Bank of America Corporation, Charlotte, North Carolina -- extension of time to conform or divest a merchant banking investment.
- Granted, January 6, 2021
Forms -- initial Board review to implement the Treasury Securities and Agency Debt and Mortgage-Backed Securities Reporting Requirements (FR 2956).
- Approved, January 12, 2021
Regulations And Policies
Capital Plan and Stress Testing Rules -- (1) final rule to tailor the capital plan and stress testing requirements to be consistent with 2019 changes to the prudential and stress testing standards; and (2) revisions to associated reporting forms.
- Approved, January 16, 2021
Lending and Liquidity Facilities -- reports to Congress pursuant to section 13(3) of the Federal Reserve Act in response to COVID-19.
- Approved, January 7, 2021
Rules of Practice for Hearings -- final rule adjusting the Board's civil money penalties to account for inflation.
- Approved, January 6, 2021
Division of Supervision and Regulation -- appointment of Anthony Cain as assistant director.
- Approved, January 12, 2021
Division of Reserve Bank Operations and Payment Systems -- establishment of Digital Innovations Policy and Research function, and appointment of Mark Manuszak, Brian Lawler, and Becky Royer as deputy associate directors.
- Announced, January 11, 2021
Division of Research and Statistics -- appointment of Burcu Duygan-Bump, Eric Engstrom, and Andrew Figura as associate directors; Gianni Amisano, Li Geng, Matthias Paustian, Debbie Flores, and Karen Krugman as assistant directors; and Wendy Dunn as adviser.
- Announced, January 5, 2021

Last Update: January 21, 2021