Actions taken by the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis under delegated authority

Bank Branches, Domestic
Pioneer Bank, Mapleton, Minnesota -- to establish a branch at 1450 Adams Street, Mankato.
- Approved, February 22, 2019
Opportunity Bank of Montana, Helena, Montana -- to establish a branch at 21 3rd Street North, Great Falls.
- Approved, February 6, 2019
Bank Holding Companies
Citizens Bank Group, Inc., St. James, Minnesota -- to acquire The Nicollet County Bank of Saint Peter, St. Peter.
- Approved, April 12, 2019
Security State Bancshares of Bemidji, Inc., Bemidji, Minnesota -- to engage de novo in extending credit and servicing loans.
- Approved, April 8, 2019
Great Western Bancorp, Inc., Sioux Falls, South Dakota -- relief from a commitment.
- Granted, February 26, 2019
GNI, LLC, Hamilton, North Dakota -- to become a bank holding company by acquiring Wall Street Holding Company, Hamilton, and thereby acquire control of Bank of Hamilton.
- Withdrawn, January 31, 2019
Orvet, Inc., Minneapolis, Minnesota; and Silver Springs Financial Corp -- to acquire Lake Country Community Bank, Morristown.
- Withdrawn, January 18, 2019
Bank Mergers
Frandsen Bank & Trust, Lonsdale, Minnesota -- to purchase certain assets and assume certain liabilities of the Duluth branch of Alerus Financial, N.A., Grand Forks, North Dakota, and thereby establish a branch at 331 West Superior Street, Duluth.
- Approved, March 19, 2019
First Interstate Bank, Billings, Montana -- to merge with Community 1st Bank, Post Falls, Idaho, and thereby establish branches.
- Approved, January 10, 2019
Change In Bank Control
Bosshard Banco, Ltd., La Crosse, Wisconsin -- change in bank control of Bosshard Banco, Ltd., and its subsidiaries, First National Bank of Bangor, Bangor, and Intercity State Bank, Schofield.
- Permitted, April 4, 2019
Bankshares of Hawley, Inc., Hawley, Minnesota -- to retain control of Bankshares of Hawley, Inc., and its subsidiary, Valley Premier Bank, Hawley.
- Permitted, April 3, 2019
NATCOM Bancshares, Inc., Superior, Wisconsin -- to retain control of NATCOM Bancshares, Inc., and its subsidiaries, National Bank of Commerce, Superior; Republic Bancshares, Inc., Duluth; and Republic Bank.
- Permitted, March 26, 2019
First Financial Corporation, Arthur, North Dakota -- change in bank control of First Financial Corporation and its subsidiary, Bank North, Arthur.
- Permitted, March 22, 2019
Gale Bank Holding Company, Inc., Galesville, Wisconsin -- to retain control of Gale Bank Holding Company, Inc., and its subsidiary, Bluff View Bank, Galesville.
- Permitted, March 21, 2019
PSB Financial Shares, Inc., Prinsburg, Minnesota -- change in bank control of PSB Financial Shares, Inc., and its subsidiary, PrinsBank, Prinsburg.
- Permitted, March 13, 2019
Savings and Loan Holding Companies
The Farrar Beresford Bancorporation Inc. Irrevocable Trust, Britton, South Dakota; and Beresford Bancorporation, Inc. (Applicants) -- (1) to become bank holding companies for a moment in time by acquiring Western Bancshares of Alamogordo, Inc., Carlsbad, New Mexico, and Western Bank, while retaining ownership of First Savings Bank, Beresford, a federal savings bank; and (2) to reconvert to savings and loan holding companies following the merger of Western Bank and First Savings Bank and for Applicants to retain their current operations.
- Approved, January 29, 2019

Last Update: April 18, 2019