Actions taken by the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta under delegated authority

Bank Branches, Domestic
Anchor Commercial Bank, Juno Beach, Florida -- to establish a branch at 1180 North Federal Highway, Boca Raton.
- Approved, January 28, 2019
Commercial Bank, Harrogate, Tennessee -- to establish a branch at 5500 Maryland Way, Brentwood.
- Approved, January 28, 2019
Bank Holding Companies
Commerce National Bankshares of Florida, Inc., Winter Park, Florida -- to engage indirectly in trust activities through its newly formed nonbank subsidiary, Trivergent Trust Company, LLC.
- Approved, January 29, 2019
B.P.C. Corporation, Cookeville, Tennessee -- to merge with CFB Bancshares, Inc., Wartburg, and thereby acquire Citizens First Bank.
- Approved, January 8, 2019
Change In Bank Control
Hazlehurst Investors, Inc., Hazlehurst, Georgia -- to retain control of Hazlehurst Investors, Inc., and its subsidiary, Bank of Hazlehurst, Hazlehurst.
- Permitted, February 7, 2019
Overton Financial Services, Inc., Livingston, Tennessee -- to retain control of Overton Financial Services, Inc., and its subsidiary, Union Bank and Trust Company, Livingston.
- Permitted, January 25, 2019
Extensions Of Time
Community Bancshares of Mississippi, Inc. Employee Stock Ownership Plan, Brandon, Mississippi -- extension to April 27, 2019, to acquire additional shares of Community Bancshares of Mississippi, Inc., Brandon, and thereby indirectly acquire Community Bank of Mississippi, Forest.
- Granted, January 24, 2019
Banks, State Member
Compass Bank, Birmingham, Alabama -- to make a public welfare investment.
- Withdrawn, February 14, 2019
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Last Update: February 21, 2019