Actions taken by the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia under delegated authority

Bank Holding Companies
Fulton Financial Corporation, Lancaster, Pennsylvania -- to merge with Prudential Bancorp, Inc., and thereby indirectly acquire Prudential Bank, both of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
- Approved, May 11, 2022
Riverbank Financial, MHC, Carthage, New York -- to convert to a Delaware-chartered mutual bank holding company and for its mid-tier holding company, Riverbank Financial Corporation, to convert to a Maryland-chartered stock bank holding company, on the conversion of Carthage Federal Savings & Loan Association, both of Carthage, New York, from a federal stock savings and loan association to a national bank.
- Approved, April 6, 2022
Columbia Bank MHC and Columbia Financial, Inc., both of Fair Lawn, New Jersey -- to merge with RSI Bancorp M.H.C. and RSI Bancorp, Inc., and thereby indirectly acquire RSI Bank, and directly acquire RSI Bancorp, Inc.'s subsidiary, Highlander Investment Company, all of Rahway, New Jersey.
- Approved, March 17, 2022
Workers United, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and Amalgamated Financial Corp., New York, New York -- to merge with Amalgamated Investments Company and thereby indirectly acquire Amalgamated Bank of Chicago, both of Chicago, Illinois.
- Withdrawn, February 25, 2022
First Resources Bancorp, Inc., Exton, Pennsylvania -- to become a bank holding company by acquiring First Resource Bank, Exton, Pennsylvania.
- Approved, February 11, 2022
Savings and Loan Holding Companies
Rhodium BA Holdings, LLC, White Plains, New York -- to become a savings and loan holding company by acquiring Sunnyside Bancorp, Inc., and thereby indirectly acquiring Sunnyside Federal Savings and Loan Association of Irvington, both of Irvington, New York.
- Approved, April 29, 2022

Last Update: June 23, 2022