The Federal Reserve uses reporting forms to collect data from bank holding companies, depository institutions, other financial and nonfinancial entities, and consumers. Use of the forms is required in some cases, voluntary in others. Forms and instructions on this website may be reproduced for use by respondents.(More about reporting forms)

Forms used exclusively by the Federal Reserve have numbers preceded by the letters FR; those used by other federal banking agencies as well as the Federal Reserve have numbers preceded by the letters FFIEC (for Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council).

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FR 2415

Report of Repurchase Agreements (RPs) on U.S. Government and Federal Agency Securities with Specified Holders

Form | Instructions

FR 2416

Weekly Report of Assets and Liabilities for Large Banks

Form | Instructions

FR 2420

Report of Selected Money Market Rates

Form | Instructions

FR 2436

Semiannual Report of Derivatives Activity

Form | Instructions

FR 2502q

Quarterly Report of Assets and Liabilities of Large Foreign Offices of U.S. Banks

Form | Instructions

FR 2510

Report of Institution-to-Aggregate Granular Data on Assets and Liabilities on an Immediate Counterparty Basis

Form | Instructions

FR 2512

Auto Finance Company Report

Form | Instructions

FR 2572

Report of Terms of Credit Card Plans

Form | Instructions

FR 2590

Single-Counterparty Credit Limits

Form | Instructions

FR 2644

Weekly Report of Selected Assets and Liabilities of Domestically Chartered Commercial Banks and U.S. Branches and Agencies of Foreign Banks

Form | Instructions

Last Update: June 27, 2022