Examiner Credentials, Commissions, and Conflicts of Interest

Only an employee holding a credential approved and issued by the Board may examine or inspect a financial institution. An examiner may not participate in the examination or inspection of an institution if the examiner has a relationship that might result in a conflict of interest or the appearance of a conflict of interest.

Policy Letters

Examiner Credentials

Overview of the Federal Reserve's Supervisory Education Programs

Guidelines for Using External Experts on Examinations, Inspections, and Other Bank Supervision Matters

Conflicts of Interest Rules

Amended Examiner Borrowing Rules

Meals and Other Gifts Offered to Examiners and Assistant Examiners

Elements of a Sound Conflict of Interest Program

Post-Employment Restrictions

Revised Special Post-Employment Restriction for Senior Examiners and Work Paper Reviews for Departing Examiners

U.S. Citizenship Requirements Access to Confidential Supervisory Information (CSI)
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Last Update: October 03, 2023